A Pitch for Hope: Barry Bonds’ Home Run Ball

Every baseball fan dreams of catching a fly ball when they see their favorite team play: it is the ultimate collectible. For Jameson Sutton, this wish came true last fall. The 24-year-old was in the front row when Barry Bonds hit his 762nd home run at Coors Field. The crowd went
wild as Sutton came up from the heap of fans wrestling for the ball. Sutton took the ball home and hid it in his closet.

He was humble about this good fortune as he sat in his parent’s living room and talked about his passion for baseball that goes back just about as far as he can remember. To the little boy standing on the sidelines, the best players had heart and determination and seemed like superheroes.

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“My favorite players were Barry Bonds and Kevin Ken Griffey, Jr.,” Sutton said. “I would arrive two hours early for the game at Coors field just to watch the players practice.”

But now Sutton’s lucky catch is for sale in an online auction that ends April 12. The auction house, SPC Auctions, thinks the ball might fetch as much as one million dollars.

This young man may love baseball but there’s something he loves even more. Sutton explains his father has been battling cancer for two years. The months following the event, his father was losing the battle and became hospitalized. With medical bills mounting, Sutton decided to sell his prize possession.

“I am hoping for any amount…any mount that will help,” Sutton said.

It was his love for the game that brought him unbelievable luck in the Colorado Rockies vs. San Francisco Game. He is hoping the luck will continue for his family.

Barry Bonds is also hoping for a better outcome since his contract with the San Francisco Giants is in question, and he currently faces charges in a steroids investigation.

In the likelihood he doesn’t return to the game, Sutton’s baseball will remain the major league record for career home runs.


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