Political Items in Worthopedia

Card signed by Jefferson Davis, c. 1850s
Ford's Theatre wallpaper, c. 1860s
Presidential commemorative pocket knife set
20 campaign buttons
Example of George Washington Peace Medal
Ford's Theatre wallpaper, c. 1860s, closeup

Engraving by Loncacre, 1820
Peace Medal of George Washington

When trying to find an interesting topic for my blog, I thought I would look in our own Worthopedia here at WorthPoint to provide inspiration. After all, there are more than 1 million, if not 2 million, auction items from several hundred auction houses listed here. There had to be something I could talk about.

I quickly realized that there is an enormous amount of page after page of incredible political and presidential items to share. So, I’m picking only a few at random, but will revisit this approach from time to time. All the links are below.

I’ll start with an 1820 engraving by the artist James Barton Longacre (1794-1869) titled, “major general andrew jackson, president of the united states,” auctioned by Freeman’s for $750 early in 2007.

Next is a card signed by Jefferson Davis. Davis was president of the Confederate States of America, but may have signed this card as a U.S. Senator from Mississippi for someone named O’Connor. If you can figure out the first name, your eyes are better than mine. It was auctioned in January 2007 for $325 by Freeman’s again.

One of my favorite items is this set of Republican and Democratic campaign pins from Nixon, LBJ, Wallace, and even Pulley, the Socialist candidate, among others. Quite a range here. Sold by Proxibid for a total of $20 for 20 campaign buttons.

An unusual collection of presidential pocketknives sold for $60, again by Proxibid, which seems like a good deal considering there are 43 in the entire set. Sorry, I don’t have a closeup to show, just the collection.

In the beginning of our republic, the president accompanied any treaty with our Native Americans through the presentation by his representative of a large silver or bronze Peace Medal. A Peace Medal from George Washington on a beautiful red ribbon sold by Proxibid for $1,400 back in 2004. The ribbon really was a nice touch.

And lastly, a “framed fragment of wallpaper from President Lincoln’s private box at Ford Theatre, matted with carte de visite of John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln, in walnut panel three window frame.” The photos speak for themselves. It was handled by Thomaston Place Auction Galleries, but did not sell, which gives you and me a second chance at history.

Interesting items, all. Check out our Worthopedia to see what you can find. It’s free for the asking.


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