Political Items in Worthopedia, Part II

Nixon and Eisenhower convention items, 1956, 1960
McKinley buttons
Teddy Roosevelt campaign button, 1904
Lincoln Plaque, 1907
Set of JFK campaign buttons, 1960
Susan B. Anthony Letter, 1885

Our Worthopedia continues to grow. There are now somewhere close to 2 million individual items from auction companies, worthologists and subscribers on just about every collectible imaginable. It is a tremendous resource.

I occasionally browse the Worthopedia for a few notable political items at random and feature them in a blog to draw attention to this rich resource. Feel free to add a political item in your collection here. It’ll show up in the Worthopedia, too. All of the links for each item highlighted here will appear at the end of the blog.

Let’s begin today with an unusual set of William McKinley buttons, circa 1900, marked Trans Mississippi Expedition and produced by the Cudahy Packing Company of Omaha, Nebraska. Sold by Proxibid, Inc. for $50.

Next is a very rare Abraham Lincoln plaque created by V.D. Brenner in 1907. It is all original, stamped no. 2 which is believed to be the second one made, the whole being etched in green onyx. Sold by Proxibid, Inc. for $2,300.

A Susan B. Anthony complete handwritten letter is next with a full signature on letterhead from the National Women Suffrage Association dated Feb. 5, 1885. To an unnamed male correspondent, `My Dear Sir, That you may work for the establishment of perfect equality of rights for women – civil and political – is the hope of, Yours Sincerely, Susan B. Anthony.` Sold by Freeman’s for $1,400.

We always like to see the early flasher buttons, the ones that change the image when you move it back and forth. This set of buttons and tabs from the 1960 campaign features just such a JFK flasher button and several more from the same campaign. Auctioned by Proxibid, Inc. for $85 the lot of 7.

Well, we’ve done buttons for Democratic JFK, now we can show Republican convention buttons, pins, watches, jewelry and other give-a-aways for Richard Nixon and Eisenhower, probably for the 1956 and 1960 campaigns. Sold by Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers for $100 the lot.

Lastly, a very nice color version of a 1904 campaign button for Theodore Roosevelt. It shows TR on the horse depicting his service in the Spanish-American War, presumably about to storm up San Juan Hill, as the legend tells us. Sold by Proxibid, Inc. for $250.00


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