Political Items in Worthopedia, Part IV

A reproduction pitcher featuring George Washington and Benjamin Franklin
Theodore Roosevelt embroidered flag photo frame, c. 1908
A signed baseball by President Jimmy Carter
A signed baseball by President Ronald Reagan
A set of 17 campaign buttons from Nixon to Clinton
Bronze Plaque of Theodore Roosevelt, c. 1920

This is a fourth in a series of identifying interesting political and historical americana items in our own Worthopedia. With over 300 auction companies providing items from past auctions and from Worthologists and individuals contributing also, there is bound to be some interesting items to review. As always the links for each item will appear collectively below.

We’re starting off with a very colorful, hand embroidered set of flags of American Allies that includes a photo of President Theodore Roosevelt. The empty space in the center was traditionally reserved for a photo of a serviceman who would then send it home. Auctioned by Freeman’s, but didn’t sell.

Couldn’t help including this bronze plaque featuring a profile of President Theodore Roosevelt by the American artist James Earle Fraser about 1920. Auctioned by Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers for $225

Always fun is a collection of 17 political buttons from Richard Nixon to Ross Perot to George Wallace. There is a button here to satisfy any political persuasion. Auctioned by Proxibid for a total of $17.

Since it’s springtime, how about a baseball autographed by President Ronald Reagan formerly owned by a former Secret Service agent. Auctioned by Proxibid for $110.

Well, why not, how about a nice baseball autographed by President Jimmy Carter owned by the same former Secret Service agent. This way we’ll create our own bipartisan spirit in the name of sports. Auctioned by Proxibid for only $60. So much for bipartisanship.

This is a very nice pitcher featuring the image of President George Washington on one side and Benjamin Franklin on the other. That’s an unusual coupling. It is listed by Freeman’s as a reproduction so that may be why it didn’t sell.


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