Poster Artists: Ralph Bakshi

Some Tolkien fans never forgave Ralph Bakshi for his animated version of “The Lord of the Rings,” at least until Peter Jackson did the trilogy right in live action (and plenty of computer generated imagery).

Bakshi also directed the melancholy animated story based loosely on the doomed lives of all too many pop musicians in his “American Pop,” in 1981, which I can still watch with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

He did the posters for his version of “Lord of the Rings,” and “American Pop,” and while I’m not crazy about his version of LTR, I do really like his poster for “Cool World,” a film similar to “Who Killed Roger Rabbit” in its combination of live action and animation worlds.

Bakshi’s work still sells at reasonable prices. You could buy a one-sheet from “American Pop” last year for $14.00. A British Quad of “Fritz The Cat,” sold for $104.00 this year. Oddly enough, that is also exactly the high price for a 1-sheet from his 1978 version of “The Lord of the Rings.” Nothing from any of his films sold for much more than that.

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