The power of the past…

Faithful copy?
Are they hand done dovetails?
Poor copy!
Is it live or memorex?

The power of the past in design, desire, money, art, furniture and most everything else of value is echoed in reproductions.

If an item is collectible or desirable in the market place it has been reproduced! Both faithful copies and disastrous want to bee’s. The power of the market drives style, form and function. Every one wants to make a buck or to have what the Joneses have in one form or another.

If a collectible is worth something it has or will be reproduced.

Educate yourself before you buy! Read, ask questions and see examples that you can feel or touch. Remember the time period of the piece you are viewing,see what is out of place, the construction, the material and the quality of the craftsmanship.

Does it make sense that the chest is suppose to be from 1760 and it has circular saw marks on the back boards? Or the vase from 1820 has an applied paneled scene? Does it mean the Rose Medallion punch bowl is brand new if it is marked China on the bottom or that it was made in the 1890’s?

Learn about history and you can learn about reproductions and faithfully copies…

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