Presidential Glassware

U.S. Secret Service cobalt coffee mug
U.S. Secret Service glass covered candy dish
U.S. Secret Service glass tumbler
Richard Nixon Army One tumbler
Gerald Ford Army One glass tumbler
HMX-1 smoked glass tumbler, c. 2002, closeup
HMX-1 smoked glass tumbler, c. 2002, reverse
HMX-1 smoked glass tumbler, c. 2002
Aboard Army One candy dish, Richard Nixon c. 1970s

Some of my favorite presidential items to collect are the glassware to include the mugs, tumblers, plates, dishes, wine glasses, and tumblers.

They don’t all have to be historic pieces like the Air Force One tumbler from John F. Kennedy. Instead, the U.S. Secret Service sells coffee mugs and glassware to benefit the families of agents who are wounded or killed in action. The clear glass tumbler or wine glass features an engraved full seal of the president while the cobalt coffee mug has a full presidential seal cut in white. I particularly like the covered candy canister for every day items. Visit the White House Gift Shop at for all their items. The use of the seal of the president is authorized by the White House Counsel and so is considered official items.

Air Force One, Army One, and Marine One all have issued these smoked green glass candy dishes featuring the gold and blue full seal of the president with the president’s signature printed in gold. They come in a green felt bag in its own gold presentation box. The one featured is from Army One during the Nixon Administration, c. 1970s.

For historic items, one of my favorites is the smoked glass tumbler featuring a gold and blue full seal of the presidentwith the words ‘Aboard Air Force One’in gold with the signature of John F. Kennedy in gold also. Very scarce.

Several clear glass tumblers were issued for Army One, the presidential helicopter, when it was jointly managed by the Army and the Marine Corps until about 1975 when it became a solely Marine Corps command. Army One items are rather scarce and these two glass tumblers feature the gold and blue full presidential seal, the words Army One in gold and the gold printed signatures of Richard Nixon and Gerald R. Ford.

Lastly, I have a smoked tumbler from the HMX-1 command featuring a gold presidential seal with the added words of HMX-1 on the obverse and the two principal helicopters servicing the presidential fleet, the smaller VH-60N and the larger VH-3D with words Marine One all in gold. Within a couple of years, the helicopters used by the HMX-1 command will be completely replaced with a newer VH-71 Kestral so these items will be instantly collectible.

What are some of your official presidential glassware?

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