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Dear Sellers News reader,

This week we are hosting two feature pages, one for Thanksgiving and the other in honor of Pearl Harbor Day. As I promised last week, I’ll provide you with the URLs and information about how you can participate.

First, the Thanksgiving Day feature. On this page, you’ll find an article featuring vintage post cards and a Thanksgiving video that you can email to your friends and family. The post cards in the story feature cards from a variety of GoAntiques’ dealers, while the video features post cards from R & J Silver and Such.

Second, the Pearl Harbor Day collectibles page can be found here. Pearl Harbor collectibles are rare. If you have any in your shop, now may be the time to list them in you inventory and send us a link. On this page you’ll find a story about some of the Pearl Harbor Day collectibles on the GoAntiques site, and soon there will be a couple of historic videos. If you have a Pearl Harbor Day item, you can also add an item or two—but please no more than two—and include a link to your site.

How can you participate


1. You can add a comment to the Thanksgiving card story here, or you can include a thanksgiving collectible (with link) from you site.
2. You can share a thanksgiving custom or what you are thankful for this year here,
3. You can suggest additional stories we could post on the site for thanksgiving or for future feature pages, by sending your ideas to news@worthpoint.com.

Pearl Harbor Day Collectibles

1. You can add a comment to the Pearl Harbor Day feature story here.
2. If you were a Pearl Harbor, you can share a memory about that day and what you think would be interesting or important for the rest of us to know about.
3. You can send us possible feature pages, story ideas, comments or suggestions to news@worthpoint.com. We really want to her from you.
Featured Item of the Week

Each week we will feature one item from the GoAntiques site. Originally our intention was simply to promote better images and written copy. Your feedback suggests that price is an equally important criterion. It’s a good suggestion. We appreciate it, and we will consider price from here on out. Should you like to suggest a feature have an item, please send it to us, with the image, the description and the URL at news@worthpoint.com. Please put “Sellers Item” in the subject line.

— Gregory Watkins
Sellers News Editor

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