SA Dagger Imposter

SA Dagger Imposter, closeup of scabbard that should be brown, not black
SA Dagger Imposter, closeup of engraving on reverse of blade when it should be on the other side with the eagle
SA Dagger Imposter, closeup of gauged eagle, not flush
SA Dagger Imposter, closeup of upside down SA symbol
SA Dagger Imposter

Curiously enough, this SA dagger came into the shop recently and only after careful examination after the fact revealed that in fact this official looking SA dagger was an imposter.

Here’s how I can now tell:

– the color of the handle and the scabbard should be brown, not black,

– the handle itself could be a reproduction and the scabbard changed to reflect the reproduction,

– the eagle is not flush to the handle and gauge marks are evident on one side, not consistent with German insistence on quality,

– the SA symbol is upside down and shows evidence of having been gouged out as well,

– the blade engraving should be in line with the SA symbol and eagle, but it is on the reverse instead,

– corrosion on the scabbard is not usually evident,

– and the ring is glued.

All in all, a rather poor reproduction job. Still, this is an excellent teaching tool that will be used to judge other daggers as they appear from time to time.

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