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schuco pig

This Schuco Pig Violinist is a Pre World War Two example made by Schuco in the 1930’s, values for these depends a great deal on their condition. The famous German toy maker Schuco had it’s start in the Schreyer & Co , formed by Heinrich Muller and Heinrich Schreyer in 1912, the company was renamed “Schuco” in 1921. The company began by making small felt and plush covered mechanized figures and animals which were exported all over the world by the early 1930’s.

By the mid-1960s Die cast metal and particularly plastics were the new high-tech materials, which had begun taking over as early as the late 1950s; tin was perceived to be slightly old-fashioned. The company did not turn to plastics to produce toys until the early 1970s, but by then it was pretty much a case of too little to late. By the late 1970’s the original Schuco company had gone out of business.

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