Shareable Collections

1951 Bowman #305 Willie Mays Rookie Card PSA 9 (Price Fetched at auction: $79,500)

By nature people collect and accumulate based on need – food, clothing, and friends, for example, are necessary items that we gather and hold onto because we need them to get by. We also collect things we’d prefer to avoid, like bills, wrinkles, and worries. Sometimes we keep things when we’d do better to get rid of them; things that clutter our living space or our minds.

We also keep things that define us – items that bring joy and comfort in times of need. We keep photos and letters from loved ones, souvenirs from trips, certificates from hard-earned achievements, and other tangibles that reflect our time in our specific geographic location.

Collecting is an expression of one’s style – whether it be rare coins or tattoos, a collection distinguishes a person from others. It is an endeavor rooted in sentiment and taken on out of passion. Unlike so many elements of modern life, collecting is deeply personal.

Some collections are too personal to share – like photo albums or love letters. Some are impossible to share by design – scars from time playing sports, tattoos, or gold crowns come to mind!

Many collections are meant to be shared or passed on to others who may enjoy them. When organized and maintained, a collection of baseball cards or miniature dolls can be a family heirloom. Art, jewelry, or wine can be the family inheritance.

Collecting can be an exciting form of investing or it can be an expense. Whatever the monetary value placed on a collection, collecting is a natural and interesting facet of the human experience. A collection is a pleasure that says something about the collector and connects him to others with the same passion.

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