Spring Has Sprung in the Antiques Markets. Are You Ready?

Hot Wheels Redline Custome Mustang sold for $810.99 USD recently on eBay.

Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Antique & Collectible Wealth Builders Blog:

Get your best fitting shoes out, because the season for Antiquing is about to begin. The number of events will start picking up which means the treasures we hunt will be harder for just the few to find.

Because the crowds will be spread out, you’ll find your chances at treasure will increase. This is a perfect time to go back to your book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles, for all those tips on preparing for these opportunities.

This season, I will be looking for the items on my “ What’s Hot List,” and members of 31 Club can find the 2008 list in the members only section of the website. I hope you’ve already looked at it and have taken the time to acquaint yourself with these items I’ve picked items I believe the general public might overlook, and your knowing their value will greatly enhance your bank account.

As spring rolls in, people will be bringing out the things they think will interest prospective buyers attending their sales. This is a great time to find that sports item not mark up to its right value. Old baseball gloves can bring thousands of dollars, and you could find one marked $10 because it looks so unusable. It might even be flat as a pancake, what if it’s a Wilson Roy Campanella catcher’s mit from the 50s. It could fetch as much as $7,500. Be sure to watch for signed balls and bats, too. I once sold a baseball for $1,000 and that was when a $1000 looked big to me.

As “spring cleaning” comes upon us, people often are in a rush to clean house, so much so that they sometimes “throw the baby out with the bath water.” Make sure you look in every box, leaving no rock unturned.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because the first piece in the box has very little value that nothing in the box has worth. Remember, I found a Saturday Evening Girls plate about seven plates down in a box. I bought for twenty-five cents and sold it for well over $300. The Grueby vase that I sold for over $13,000 was found in a garage, and a painting a friend found was in the basement among items that weren’t worth $1.00, but he took it to auction and sold it for over $21,000.

What a great time to find those toys that kids have out grown. I am trying to patiently wait until one father I’ve been speaking with gives me the go ahead to buy his sons’ cars and trains. Tin toys like Tonka and Structo are going up in value every year, so keep you eye out for them. Don’t forget the Red line Hot Wheels cars. One sold not too long ago for over $18,000. Look to see these cars and the Match Box cars on Ebay’s completed listings to see the kind of prices some of these items go for.

Don’t forget about the more expensive items during these early months. If your account is up to $5,000 try to buy two or three higher end items you might be able to purchase with that money, while still meeting the goal of a profit of at least 100%. We don’t want to stay with the low end merchandise even though these purchases get us started on the journey toward our million dollars. The more quickly we begin to deal in the rare and more valuable, the sooner our goal will be reached. Your hibernation should be over and your energy levels high. I’ll see you at the finish line.

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