Steps to Selling on Your Own

With the increasing power of the Google Search and great online communities like Worthpoint, it’s becoming easier to sell your items and services yourself.

People all over the internet are finding that it’s ultimately more profitable and much less work in the long run if they learn to market their products and services on their own websites. By building a trusted community of customers aka “friend marketing” it’s possible to avoid the tiresome wheel spinning activities and learning curves of the corporate online selling sites. Once you’ve built a good foundation, you’ll never have to worry about anyone upping fees or taking privileges away.

The first post here in this community will therefore contain the appropriate content “Steps to Selling on Your Own”.

I never consider ANYTHING to be the last word on a subject, and I welcome community members to weigh in with tips and suggestions to this and any post. Please note that as I myself think of more steps to apply here, I will edit the post and add them.

Here in no particular order are Steps to Selling on Your Own.

-If your on eBay already, take the best of what you’ve learned from the site and apply it in anyway you can to your own marketing system. Why try to reinvent the wheel?
– Again, if your already on eBay and you have a good feedback rating, get a screen capture of that rating so you’ll always have it to use as a reference no matter what happens. If you keep it active, a link to it can help lend credence to anything else you do.
– You MUST get your own website or a blog to market your own products.
– Keep and maintain a house list.
– Listen to podcasts and read blogs that keep current with subjects your interested in. It’s a free education.
– If you don’t already, look into getting an online shopping cart or storefront.
– Grow your community by commenting on blogs and podcasts. There is nothing that will get you quicker recognition than adding value to the conversation of a blog or podcast, it’s the lifeblood of those mediums.
– Focus on ONE THING ONLY, customer service. The reason your probably reading this is because your fed up with customer service at some corporate site with lousy customer support. In the online world, very happy customers become evangelists for your business.
– Get a Mentor or a few. A Mentor need not even know your their apprentice, but follow someone who is going along the path you want to go and learn from their shortcuts and mistakes. Just remember that it’s important to do it in your own style and flavor if you want to stand out.
– Be different, you must have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition)find something in your product or service that you do better than anyone else and make that the focus of your pitch.
– Find what your passionate about and work in that field, it’s what you’ll be the most successful at and you’ll enjoy doing it. There will still be hard times and obstacles along the way, but they’ll be much easier to overcome if you use this approach.
– Help others to be successful, this is and has always been the key to becoming very wealthy, and it gives you a nice warm fuzzy.
– Have fun, don’t take anything too seriously and come back here often!

Thanks for reading.

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