Summer fun … Stay at home with family ..GGG Gas Prices

Never in our Nations history have prices for Gas for my truck , has me applying for a large loan. We can’t go out to dinner, movie, shopping,or just plain riding,reasons : High,High gas price here in all states. Now at $4.00 for regular unlead (the bottom of the barrel stuff) This increase in prices has stopped most ” seniors ” from visiting there Doctors and buying their Meds.
And what will happen with rising fuel cost for the coming winter month. I speak of Home heating fuel>>>> $10.00 per gallon, or more huh?
Allow us to used some of the Oil that is in our StockPiles,
There has to be a change soon, or all citizens with incomes under $50,000 income per-year will disppear from the market-place and the grocery stores, maybe even : Planet Earth.
For lack of Food,for lack of Heat, and for lack of Clean water. Never again Soup and Food Lines Ok?