The Terrell House: A Collector’s Dream Guest House

Russian Boxes
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Books, Lures, Antiques
Outside Terrell House

Terrell House
1441 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA

What makes Terrell House a classic bed and breakfast is the owner’s sense of style including many antiques, oriental rugs, and a variety of collections. Those who stay at the Terrell House can look forward to a large collection of first edition books, antique bamboo fishing rods, antique lures, and local New Orleans art. Linda and Ed O’Brien have been collectors for more than 30 years. They bought the bed and breakfast in October 2003. They have spent much time and care fixing up the residence, which includes a carriage house for additional guests. Much of what decorates the house is from their personal collection before buying the house. What is most impressive is the massive book collection Ed O’Brien has accumulated. He only collects first edition copies and prefers signed books. Most of his collection includes modern authors such as Joseph Heller, Umberto Eco, James Jones, Kurt Vonnegut, and Walker Percy. He even has a signed Faulkner first edition. Even more surprising, this massive collection was only started 6-8 years ago!

Upstairs, among more books, Linda O’Brien shared her favorite collection with me. Linda has been collecting modern Russian boxes for the past few years. She admires the tedious work often painted by a little more than a few strands on a brush. The heavy lacquer adds to the look of these artistic boxes. Though she has never been to Russia herself, she has fallen in love with Russian box art. I have always recommended a stay at the Terrell House. Not only were they great neighbors of mine for 2 years, their accommodations are stunning. Being a very friendly couple, they are more than happy to show you their collections and are quite proud of their bed and breakfast. Not only does one get to stay in a historic New Orleans home, but also one is surrounded by great collectibles and antiques, which only add to the flavor of the stay.

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