Third Party or Independent Political Buttons

Ross Perot - Independent 1992
Ralph Nader - Independent 2004
Ralph Nader - Green Party 1996
Paul Boutelle - Socialist Workers Party 1968
Orville Faubus - States Rights Party 1960
Lester Maddox, American Independent Party 1972
John Schmitz - American International Party 1972
Henry Wallace - Progressive Party 1948
Henning Blomen - Socialist Labor Party 1964
Gus Hall - Communist Party 1972
George Wallace - Independent candidate 1968
Eugene Chafin - Prohbition party 1908 and 1912

Browder-Ford, Communist Party 1936
John Anderson - Independent 1980
John Anderson - Independent 1980

The top dozen or so candidates within the two major parties are receiving the lion’s share of the attention from those who collect political memorabilia.

And yet, as in every election year, there are other parties and other independents also waging a campaign for nomination or for election in 2008, 52 in fact. Some of the names are recognizable from previous campaigns such as Ron Paul, who ran as a Libertarian, and is now running as a Republican. If he loses this race, he will probably be picked up as the party nominee for president by possibly the Libertarians and at least one other political party, as well. Another example is Ralph Nader who ran on the Green Party ticket in 1996. Other candidates aren’t quite so recognizable, for example, Brian Moore, nominee of the Socialist Party; Gene Amondsen, nominee of the Prohibition Party; and Co Martin who is running as an Independent.

So who said you had to collect only the most noticeable and winning candidates? Many of the independent and third party political campaign buttons are at times just as highly collectible as the more traditional party buttons simply because fewer of them were created and fewer still routinely survive over a generation.

I’ve provided a few of the past 3d party and independent candidate buttons from the website of my friend John Low at to give you an idea as to what you’ll find when you do your own ‘campaigning’ for independent and third party political buttons. They could still use your ‘collectible’ vote.

Others running as Third Party or Independents for 2008 (from Wikipedia):

Constitution Party: Don J. Grundmann, Bryan Malatesta, Diane Beall Templin

Green Party: Jared Ball, Jesse Johnson, Cynthia McKinney, Kent Mesplay, and Kat Swift.

Libertarian Party: Daniel Imperato, Bob Jackson, Mike Jingozian, Steve Kubby, Alden Link, Robert Milnes, George Phillies, Wayne Allyn Root, Christine Smith

Prohibition Party: Gene Amondson, nominee

Socialist Party: Brian Moore, nominee

Declared Independents: Steve Adams, Blake Ashby, Don Cordell, Richard H. Clark, Orion Karl Daley, Nick Farmer, Mark B. Graham, Jon A. Greenspon, Arnold Jones, Steven Kissing, David Koch/Ken Goldstein, James H. McCall, Frank McEnulty, Co Martin, David J. Masters, Charles T. Maxham, Tom Millican, Frank Moore, Arthur Regan, Joe Schriner, Jonathan Sharkey, Ben Thompson, Michael Tienken, Lanakila Washington, Ruth Bryant White, Kelcey Brian Wilson.

Possible Draft Candidates: Michael Bloomberg, Sam Nunn, Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Barry Hess, Ed Thompson

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