Time to Sell Ungraded Silver Coin

This week, when I took my son, Joshua, to a coin store to look around, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There must have been six or eight employees working behind the counter plus twenty-five or thirty customers. I asked to speak to the manager. I really wanted to know what all these people were doing here. He told me they were all either buying for their collection or selling their silver or gold. Just to give you an idea of the bedlam in the store, there were three people behind the counter just separating the coins that had no value to collectors and would be sold just for their metal content and then, there was a line waiting for their services.

Let me state this again, as I’ve stated it on other blogs as well as articles. This is the time to sell your silver.

With oil going through the roof, silver can’t break out. It peaked at about $20 plus and now has settled in a trough between $16 and $18. This is when the value of silver should be setting the world on fire, but it isn’t. Sell, Sell, Sell ungraded silver. I am betting my reputation on this.

I did gain a different perspective on collectible grade coins while I was there. This movement in the price of metal might have been what the market needed to attract new collectors in the coin market. If this is true, then investment coins may be something worth looking into.

Remember that the rare and unusual coins will be the ones that can make you the money, not the coins that aren’t worth grading. Gold coins with low mintage are the coins I would recommend. If you are able to find them ungraded but in fine condition, there might be the opportunity to profit from the grading. This means sending them of to a company that will grade each coin against one that is in mint or proof condition. This is exactly what our member, Cecil, did and it proved to be the treasure that took him several steps in his race to the million dollars. However, you might remember he incurred the theft at the mall where he was displaying some of his coins, and this was a small set back for him.

Be safe when you are dealing in rare coins, and it is best if you are a little secretive as well. I know that doesn’t sound like me, but in this case, it is better to be safe than sorry.

On another note, I was thinking back just eight months ago to when we were just beginning to formulate the plans for what is becoming one of the most successful clubs around, and I am astonished. Daily, I am getting calls from all across the country, and people are starting to realize just what being a member of the 31 Club can mean to them.

Today one of our members wanted to know how to sell some Indian Katina’s, and while we where talking, he mentioned several other items that he might sell. Hopefully, we can help him and also save him money in the process. Another gentleman wanted to talk about some items that were coming up for bid at auction and about what price would be good to buy them at if he had the opportunity. Another member called wanting to know whether a piece was a print or a painting, and I had the pleasure to explain to her how one could tell the difference.

Your calls bring me great satisfaction. When the idea of the club started, it was about giving back for what God has given me. I believe this is being accomplished, and so does our staff. We are growing, and I am so thankful. It couldn’t have happened without you. Please be patient with the reconstruction of the site, because as I see what Jeremy and Cindy are doing, I know that it is all going to be worth it.

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