Top ten ways to get the upper hand at yard sales

Don't be told to take a hike, take command!

Autumn is here, and it’s a busy time for yard sales, flea markets etc. These events are all great ways to get items to resell but the best things get snapped up fast and these sales can be very competitive.
Here are top ten tips to get the upper hand when buying. Don’t take them too seriously 😉

1. Get up early enough to switch the signs around, if your competition can’t find the sale, they aren’t competition anymore, now are they?
2. If you can get to the sellers before they’ve had their first cup coffee, you are ahead of the game.
3. If possible, bring a small child to offer a quarter on everything. Train them to go after vintage Barbie dolls and GI Joes.
4. Practice holding your heart with a faked shock look on your face when you get a price from a seller.
5. When you know there are enough people within earshot, I find this phrase helps. "How much is this Flow Blue cream pitcher with the furry spider inside it?"
6. Here’s another helpful phrase, this one is a twist on an old cliche. "My Gramma used to have one of those, in fact she had it right in her hands when she died."
7. Remember that small child mentioned earlier? The little imp can be used to distract other buyers by throwing up, crying, etc.
8. Pull out a hand full of change before asking how much a big ticket item is.
9. If it means getting in the basement or attic, inform the sellers you buy EVERTHING if it’s the right model or style, old tires, National Geographics. You never know what else you’ll see when you get in the house, the trick is to get your foot in the door.
10. Be so damn nice that people will have a hard time refusing low ball offers.
While this article was written in humor, I have actually seen each of these techniques used in action! Please feel free to comment with your favorite yard sale absurdity!

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