Treasure Under the Table in Yellow Ware

Yellow Ware Mocha

There’s a new ending to Friday’s Blog about our adventure to the estate sale. I’ve always told you to dig into every corner and look into every cabinet. Well, I took my own advice.

After packing up my purchase of Books and Depression Glass I decided to take one more look around just to make certain I didn’t pass anything up. Sure enough, just when it looked as if there wasn’t anything else for me to buy, I spotted two Yellow Ware bowls on the floor. I picked them up, realizing they might well be treasure at the price of $3. In all these people rushing around, the two yellow ware bowls went unnoticed by most. I snatched them up and handed those bowls to the attendant. As you get out more and more, you’ll see that the knowledge you’ve gained will come into play and pay great dividends if you are patient.

When I got home, I went right to my trusty Kovel’s Price Guide. I estimate they are worth from $200 to $400 each. How’s that for a $3 purchase. Estimate that rate of return. I looked further into the Kovel’s Price Guide, I found that most Yellow Ware pieces will bring $200 or more. A pepper shaker, mold or flask could reward you with over $1,000.

The secret of compounding seems to have worked quit well at this house sale. In Friday’s Blog, I said our investment of $287 could bring as much as $2,000. With this new information on Yellow Ware, I’ll have to raise the estimate to $2,400, possibly more.

Now, think with me here for a minute. $287 turned into $2,400. If I am able to just double the $2,400 with new purchases, I will have enhanced my bank account considerably, and could have $4,800 after deducting my cost for buying. Am I crazy, or is this simply amazing?

These simple things, when added together, can make you a believer in what we are teaching. Not getting rich quick, just getting rich. That’s our motto. Keep your Honesty, Integrity and Spiritual Purity and still receive all the blessings that God intends for you to have. I can’t think of a better way to live.

I encourage you to always do more research once you’ve read a Blog. For example, you might be asking yourself, “What exactly is Yellow Ware?” If you began researching it right after you finished reading the Blog, the time you spend researching is active time, and it will etch certain facts and pictures into your mind that you will be able to draw upon when you’re out in the field.

Remember, if you spend a little time everyday studying and researching, this time of active study builds up information in your mind layer upon layer. I’ll lead you and show you how to make money. But the activity of researching is what will build lasting knowledge. So, do a search on “Yellow Ware”. Try googling it. Search it in Yahoo, or whatever you like to use. I’ll start you out by telling you that Yellow Ware is a type of stonewear, and it’s called Yellow Ware not because of a glaze color used, but because of the color of clay used to make it. See what else you can discover today.

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Today’s Photo: Yellow Ware Mocha Loving Cup, circa 1840. Photo from Martyn Edgell Antiques.