Trivet Collectors: Resolutions for 2009

A trivet wishing New Year’s blessing in 1888.

A trivet wishing New Year’s blessing in 1888.

Triveteers, take advantage of this New Year to renew your enthusiasm for collecting! Here are five suggestions to get you started:

1. Consider different options for displaying your trivets. Simple wall and tabletop displays are the usual choices, but eventually those can get boring. How about stepping outside the box and wiring smaller trivets to a wreath, or arranging a border of trivets along a stairway? You could also mount trivets within a shadow box or hang them around a stove or fireplace.

2. All collectors should maintain a detailed inventory. If you haven’t done this, there’s no time to begin like the present! You’ll want to make notes including the composition, dimensions, weight, purchase price and provenance (if applicable) of each trivet you add to your collection. You can either keep this information in a written journal or take advantage of the computer software available for organizing collections. And, as you record, consider the need for Insurance. Check with your agency, since many homeowner policies will not cover collectibles. If needed, you’ll find other agencies that specialize in insuring collectibles via the Internet.

3. Expand your mind and attend a large Antiques Show, a major Auction or a Convention in 2009! Activities like these will bring you in contact with other collectors, which will expose you to new ideas and open your consciousness to a much larger field of collectibles. You should be able to find local events by contacting your community antique dealers for more information. And this year’s national PITCA (Pressing Iron & Trivet Collectors of America) Convention will be held August 2009 in Columbus, Ohio. Be sure to join your national organization, and then consider attending its Convention. You won’t regret it!

4. Make it your mission to learn something new in 2009. If you currently collect only metal trivets, consider purchasing a few porcelain or tile trivets. Or select something unusual from one of the “Go With” categories of irons, advertising items or kitchenalia; then learn all about it.

5. And, by all means, please share your knowledge with others! Some ideas:
• Join a local Antiques Group and give a presentation on trivets.
• Offer to set up a trivet display within a glass case at your local Library.
• Contact your local newspaper and volunteer to be the subject of an article on the joys of collecting!

Lynn Rosack is a Worthologist who specializes in trivets and kitchenalia.

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