U2 Guitar and Sam Snead Golf Clubs to Auction

Spring echos with the sharp crack of the auction gavel. Whether you collect vintage glass, railroadiana or sports collectibles, several upcoming sales by WorthPoint-member auction houses feature authenticated items that should attract wide interest , whether your budget is $100 or $1,000,000.

• Harlowe Powell of Charlottesville, VA is holding a May 16th auction of sporting and leisure collectibles, including a matched trio of McGregor Master 30 Model golf clubs owned by Sam Snead. The club heads are made of solid persimmon with mother-of-pearl inserts, with an estimated value of $2,500- $3,500.

• Julien’s Auctions of West Hollywood is holding a charity auction on May 31st in New York featuring items donated by U2 guitarist The Edge and other rock stars. A highlight is a 1976 Gibson Explorer electric guitar with all original parts and case that was stage-played by Edge and comes with authentication documents by U2’s guitar technician Dallas Schoo. Estimated value: $80,000

• Apple Tree Auctions of Newark, Ohio specializes in vintage Heisey glass (which was manufactured in Newark) as well as Midwestern antique furnishings and others items. Apple Tree has several spring and early summer auctions scheduled including household items on May 15 and 29, antique and decorative arts on June 12-14, Heisey glass on June 17-18 and railroadiana on June 20-21.

• Pook & Pook’s jewelry sale on May 16th in Downington, PA includes an Art Deco diamond and sapphire ring in a platinum setting with 47 diamonds totaling 2.44 carats and 16 sapphires valued up to $6,000.

• Coaches Corner Sports Auction is conducting electronic bidding on a variety of baseball collectibles, including a box of a dozen baseballs signed by many of the sport’s legendary sluggers who hit more than 500 home runs, including Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson and Frank Robinson. All of the signatures are certified and most grade at 8.5 or higher. The current top bid is $1,213.

• Sloan & Kenyon’s Three-Day June Estate Catalogue Auction on June 21-23 in Chevy Chase, MD. The firm also is privately selling an 1848 Bösendorfer grand piano valued as high as $300,000 and a trio of ship models – the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria – crafted entirely in precious metals by Philadelphia master goldsmith Antonio Gonzalez that is expected to sell for more than $1 million.

Harlowe Powell website

Julien’s Auctions website

Julien’s Auctions website

Apple Tree Auctions website

Pook & Pook website

Coaches Corner Sports Auction wesbite

Sloans & Kenyon website

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