United We Stand License Plates

New Jersey -- United We Stand
West Virginia -- United We Stand
West Virgina -- We Will Not Forget
Virginia -- United We Stand
South Carolina -- United We Stand
Oklahoma -- Global War on Terrorism
Oklahoma -- Patriot
Massachusetts -- United We Stand
Illinois -- America United
Illinois -- America Remembers
Iowa -- God Bless America
Florida -- United We Stand
Alabama -- God Bless America


License plates have fast become moving billboards for all kinds of messages and causes. As Americans vow to never forget the events of Sept. 11th, 2001, colorful patriotic license plates displaying slogans such as “United We Stand,” “We Will Never Forget,” “Fight Terrorism,” and “God Bless America” have become very popular throughout the United States. As I have stated before, with license plate collecting, one can focus on a myriad of categories and themes and the “United We Stand” or Sept. 11th plates clearly demonstrate this point.

Shortly after Sept. 11th, 2001, legislation was introduced in most states to issue specialty license plates incorporating a patriotic message along with a prominent image of the American Flag. These commemorative plates have proven to be quite popular among collectors. In nice condition, prices for these plates generally run between $25 to $150 each.

Interestingly enough, one state which has yet to issue a 9/11 license plate—as these are commonly referred to by collectors—is New York. One would think that it would stand to reason that New York would have been the first state to issue such a plate but this was not the case. There indeed has been much discussion in Albany with DMV officials about a license plate for Sept. 11th, however I have been informed that there has been quite a bit of controversy over the exact design and several sensitivity issues to family members of those touched by these tragic events. About three years ago I saw a prototype of a New York 9/11 plate which featured an image of the two Twin Towers with a ribbon around them but, unfortunately, the state of New York has yet to finalize and issue a license plate for Sept. 11th.

I would speculate that when a design is finalized that such a specialty plate would be one of the most popular specialty license plates ever in the state of New York and without a doubt a very collectible license plate for collectors.

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