Vice Presidential Guest Pins

Vice Presidential guest pins, c. 1980, reverse
Vice Presidential guest pins, c. 1980s
Vice Presidential guest pins, c. 1980

Just as the Secret Service provides a specially designed lapel pin to frequent guests to the White House, the Secret Service also provides similar lapel pins to guests of the vice president of the United States.

Oddly enough, these are rarer to find than the presidential ones as they do not often appear very often in private sales or public auctions. I have only these two examples of vice presidential guest pins while my presidential guest pin blog shows ten. Like the presidential ones, the vice presidential guest pins are occasionally numbered either on the front of the pin or on the reverse as shown above.

These guest pins have been out of Secret Service inventory for at least a generation and do no longer represent a controlled item. However, those with similar pins for any Administration for the past 10 years should not advertise or sell these pins either in private or public auction as they may still be considered a controlled item.

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