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Unfortunately, The Flash is out in the annual Spring Purge.

Unfortunately, The Flash is out in the annual Spring Purge.

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The yearly purge has begun and already comics are piling up. Now, I know I’ve been telling you that every year I go through the previous year’s comic acquisitions and decide what goes into the collection, yadda-yadda-yadda . . . The truth is, I just started this purging three years ago, so the entire master collection is probably due a looksie as well. The other truth is I didn’t finish the purge last year so I’ve effectively got two years of comics to sort through. So far, the first victims of this two year purge are as follow:

• Danny Bilson/Mark Waid’s terrible Flash re-launch (I’m not bagging on Waid; he even admitted it was bad. I don’t think Bilson was ever heard from again though).

Outsiders, which became Batman and the Outsiders, and then Batman “died” and it was back to Outsiders; shortly after that I stopped caring.

• Alex Ross’ Justice; very pretty to look at but, much like Project Superpowers, not a great read. I love the guy when he’s painting but don’t need Ross writing.

Project Superpowers (ditto).

Zorro, by Matt Wagner; love Matt Wagner but didn’t love his Zorro.

JSA, by Bill Willingham and Matt Stugess. The first thing that the new creative duo did to the team turned me off. They broke up the family. I don’t need snark and infighting in my JSA title. They’re supposed to be a family. A family that Geoff Johns spent years building. I know comics have to grow and change or they stagnate and die, but this isn’t good storytelling. It’s stale and played out. Save the infighting for the Titans comic that no one is reading. I hate not reading JSA monthly. It doesn’t feel right.

If anyone is looking for any of these issues, let me know and we can work something out. Otherwise it’s eBay for those that are worth the time, or back to the comic shop as a charitable donation for the rest. Let me know if you need anything here.

Here’s a look at my stack of comics for the week of Wednesday, March 31, 2010, followed by some short reviews of stuff I’ve read and some thoughts on why I’m picking these titles up. Make sure and post your own weekly stack of comics below so I can make fun of what you’re reading and vice-versa. For a full list of comics shipping this week click here. To find a comic shop near you click here.

Adventure Comics #9: Namesake
Amazing Spider-Man #627
Blackest Night #8 of 8
Dark Wolverine #84
Detective Comics #863
Fantastic Four #577
Godland #31
Justice League of America #43: All Along the Watchtower
New Mutants #11
Punisher #15
Realm of Kings: Inhumans #5 of 5
X-Force #25
X-Men: Second Coming

Thoughts on the Stack:

Adventure Comics #9

Adventure Comics #9

Dark Wolverine #84

Dark Wolverine #84

Adventure Comics #9: While Adventure Comics is part of the “Last Stand of New Krypton” storyline, and perhaps because I’m a sucker, I’ll be picking this one up. I want to love the Legion, I really do, and now that Geoff Johns has reduced their numbers to one team in one reality (I think that’s how Legion of Three Worlds ended; right?) I’m ready to pay attention. One problem: Geoff Johns isn’t writing the Legion anymore; James Robinson is and it’s not bad, but he’s only on the title for two more issues before Paul Levitz takes over. Am I going to care? That remains to be seen. I didn’t read Levitz’s previous Legion stuff, but Legion-nerds have told me I should. I remain cautiously optimistic.

Dark Wolverine #84: I love this comic. Every month writers Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu pull me into the story of Wolvie’s evil kid, Daken, even deeper. Mohawk and all. I love it. Somehow, artist Giuseppe Camuncoli has done the impossible with a really bad character design and succeeded in making Daken look cool, scary and tough even with the lamest of mohawks. No offense to Steve Dillon, who helped Daniel Way create the character, but a mohawk and tribal tattoos? What is this the Jersey Shore? DW had perhaps my favorite single panel of last week. I won’t give it away, but the panel is on page 6 and it made me laugh out loud. Oh, and it was yet another great Siege tie-in.

Fantastic Four #577

Fantastic Four #577

X-Men: Second Coming #1

X-Men: Second Coming #1

Fantastic Four #577: Writer Jonathan Hickman is not attempting to recreate, rebrand, remix or reboot the FF. Instead, he’s doing what he does best and pumping out some of the best FF stuff I can remember reading. Hickman writes highbrow Sci-Fi with just enough mystery and superhero action to keep you wanting more. I don’t think anyone even threw a punch in this issue, but the story Hickman is setting up is going to change everything we thought we knew about the Inhumans and their ties to several other alien races in the Marvel U. As good as Hickman’s writing is, Dale Eaglesham’s art might be even better. I can’t think of an artist outside of Jack Kirby who has created a more stylish and iconic look for the FF. I hope he never leaves this comic. NEVER!

X-Men: Second Coming #1: It’s almost summer, and that means time for another giant X-event. Second Coming is going to be huge and fun and dramatic, and mutants are going to get killed, and Colossus is back with Kitty, and Cable has big guns again, and somehow it feels like the huge X-crossovers of the ’90s are back. And I couldn’t be happier. I felt like a 19-year-old-nerd reading my X-Men comics all over again. Eww and David Finch’s art was super-neato! I forgot how much I dig this guy. Sadly, I think this three-issue story is Finch’s last work at Marvel before jumping over to DC. Which is fine, because he draws an awesome Batman too. I’m excited for Second Coming if you can’t tell.

There Can Be Only One!

If I had to pick one comic from the stack this week, I’d freak the #&%@ out! Still, if I had to pick, it would be:

Blackest Night #8 of 8: Marvel

Solicitation: The extra-sized conclusion to the most talked-about event in comics is here, and the results will change the course of the DC Universe for years to come. Earth has become the final battleground for life versus death, but how will our heroes fight back against the darkness of sentient space itself? And what does the future hold for Green Lantern, The Flash and the rest of the world’s greatest heroes and villains? Find out here as the stage is set for the next epic era of DC Comics!

40 PGS
$3.99 US
Written by Geoff Johns; Pencils by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert; Inks Joe Prado and Oclair Albert.

Why this one? Can I just tell you what happened? Can I ruin BL #8 for you? I squealed like a little kid while reading this one! It was so friggin’ good! Was this another Johns fairy tale with big gushy happy ending? Yes. Was it everything I thought it would be and expected? Absolutely. It can be argued that Johns’ stories are formulaic and end predictably at times, but it’s a formula that works and sells. Problems were fixed, heroes came back from the dead, and Reis and Albert drew the hell out of this issue, which included the best four-page spread I’ve ever seen. Not that I can recall many four-page spreads. Or any, for that matter. Regardless, Geoff Johns has once again nailed it and set up the DCU for the next year. Thank you, Geoff Johns. For making this nerd happy, even if it was just for 20 minutes.

Nerdy Question of the Week:

Now that Blackest Night is over and Siege is coming to an end, which post-event universe are you more excited for: Marvel’s Heroic-Age or DC’s Brightest Day?

Finally . . .

There is a highly entertaining review of Guardians of the Galaxy #18, as written by my wife, in her blog Girl Meets Nerd, which details her interactions with my nerdity. I was offended at first, because I love GotG so much, but ended up laughing along.

In Twitter news, Read Along with Matt continues this week with Warren Ellis’ Freak Angels vol. 1. You can follow along by following me on Twitter or just searching #readalongwmatt.

If you need some real comic journalism, check out The Comics Journal new site. Recently, The Comics Journal moved from a print magazine to a constantly updated Web format. TCJ has long been known for some of the best comic industry analysis and opinion out there. Good luck with the new format, and hopefully the death of the comic-magazine isn’t a harbinger for comics themselves.

Until next time true believers . . .


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