This Week in Geek 11/18

Cover of Ghost Rider #29
Cover of Thunderbolts #126
Cover of Supergirl #35

This Week in Geek is a weekly blog about new comics written by WorthPoint Comic book Worthologist Matt Baum. Every Wednesday Matt takes a look at the week’s new comics from a collector’s point-of-view and discusses which books may be hard to find in the near future and why. Make sure to click on the hot links for previews and more information on the comics, characters, story-lines and creators discussed here.

For a while now I have been posting the comics that I plan on picking up each week and asking for input on what I do or what I should be reading. Well last week I got a pretty scathing email from one reader that absolutely berated me for not reading several titles. The main ones being Invincible, Fables, Rex Mundi and Scalped. Let me first say, thank you for your feedback angry reader and I applaud your passion (there where threats to my person involved). I too have been known to scream down the occasional nerd who claims to love comics but doesn’t read certain high quality books. Or, in some extreme cases, claims to hate said beloved titles. Don’t get me started on people that say they can’t get into Geoff Johns writing. So to set the record straight; I missed the boat on Invincible and Fables but am reading them in trades. I was turned off by Rex Mundi due to a reviewer I trust likening the series to The Davinci Code and the mediocre art and the four issues of Scalped that I read seemed like an experiment in cramming as many curse words onto a page as possible. I’m giving Scalped another chance in trade-paper-back form because I’m sick of everyone telling me I need to be reading it. So there angry comic nerd, you’re threats have worked in one instance and were completely unfounded in two others. Keep the mail coming!

In new comic news, The complete Jack Kirby’s Demon has been collected in hardcover format and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve been a huge fan of his Marvel stuff but have really only recently fallen in love with Kirby’s DC works after reading his collected New Gods run. Jack Kirby was one of the most creative voices and art talents of the golden and silver-and Etrigan; the Demon was one of his most beloved creations for DC comics. The Jack Kirby’s Demon Omnibus is available at comic shops every where this week and makes an excellent X-mas gift for your favorite comic nerd. Hope your reading this sweetie.

Also this week, DC ‘s red-headed-stepchild Wildstorm comics proves that “ain’t nobody gonna tell them what to do” and went ahead and launched a new X-Files comic. Now, in their defense, Wildstorm couldn’t have predicted the latest X-Files movie’s colossal failure at the box office, but couldn’t somebody have run to the printing facility after seeing the abysmal first weekend ticket receipts and yelled a dramatic “STOP THE PRESSES!”. Well, all five of you remaining X-Files fans rejoice, Mulder and Scully have returned to comics; again. Click here for a preview. The art looks good.

If you’re like me then you were disappointed by the last Punisher movie and cautiously optimistic about the new Punisher movie. It looks like Marvel learned their lesson and based their new Punisher flick off the gritty and hyper-violent Punisher run as written by Garth Ennis; the meanest man in comics today. If you’ve read Ennis’ work on Preacher or Hellblazer then I don’t need to tell you how disturbing, violent, controversial, or down-right gross and awesome his stories can be. Luckily the good people at Marvel gave Ennis a long run on everyone’s favorite vigilante and have collected his work in The Punisher By Garth Ennis. This is a must read for any Punisher fan.

Now let’s get to the part that gets me threats of bodily harm; my new comics buy pile for the week of 11/18 (also known as the day I went to the dentist for the first time in six years; no cavities. Yay me!). As always, let me know what you think about what I am, am not, or should be beaten for not reading.

Conan the Cimmerian #5 – Best Conan comic since the Chronicle of Conan.
Fantastic Four #561
Firebreather #3
The Goon #30
Iron Man: Director of Shield #35
JSA Kingdom Come Special: Magog
Pax Romana #4 of 4
Punisher War Journal #25
Robin #180 – Any guesses on who is Red Robin? (I’m guessing it’s Jean-Paul Valley, that’s right true believers; Azrael).
Stan’s Soapbox; The Collection The collected Stan Lee editorials from 1967-1980. I can’t wait to spend a snow day reading these.
Supergirl #35 – More New Krypton. I love it!
Thunderbolts #126 – New series writer Andy Diggle takes over.
Uncanny X-Men #504
X-Factor #37- Peter David’s best work to date.

So there it is; another steaming pile of new comics for another new comic Wednesday. You can smell the nerdy-goodness. Now let’s get to my speculator picks of the week. These are three new comics that, for one reason or another, may be hard to find in the near future. I can’t guarantee they’ll pay for your kids’ college some day, but you may have to pay more for them a month from now.

Supergirl #35; DC; Written by Sterling Gates; Art by Jamal Igle, Keith Champagne; Cover by Alex Ross and Stephane Roux; $2.99.

Why it’s hot: The “New Krypton” storyline running through the Superman books is excellent and represents a real milestone in the man of steel’s history. Readers will look back at this storyline as Superman history for years to come and, for the first time in a long time, Supergirl’s comic will not only be relevant, but a great read as well.

Why it’ll go fast: Supergirl jumped from #86 to #75 on Diamond’s comics 300 highest selling comics list from September to October of 2008 but still seems to be a well kept secret. Gates is tying Supergirl directly into the Johns/Robinson New Krypton storyline and doing an excellent job of it. I can’t remember the last time I was even remotely interested in Supergirl and now I find the book near the top of my weekly “to-read” list. Pick it up quick because retailers still aren’t sold on the girl-of-steel’s sales ability.

Thunderbolts #126; Marvel Comics; Written by Andy Diggle; Art by Roberto De La Torre; Cover by Francisco Matt Mattina; $2.99

Why it’s hot: In the wake of the Skrull invasion, Norman Osborne, the Green Goblin, is being celebrated as a national hero for his role in fending off the alien menace with his team of “rehabilitated” villains, the Thunderbolts. New series writer Andy Diggle (The Losers, Adam Strange) and artist Roberto De La Torre take over the creative duties on Marvel’s heroes you love to hate.

Why it’ll go fast: I love Andy Diggle’s work and have been a fan since his run on the recently optioned for a motion picture DC/Vertigo title The Losers. Diggle’s storytelling paired with De La Torre’s art makes this comic a must read for the serious comic nerd. I love the character development on Osborne and with the role his character will be playing in the upcoming “Dark Avengers” storyline, I can see Thunderbolts becoming a very hot book.

Ghost Rider #29; Marvel Comics; Written by Jason Aaron; Art by Tan Eng Huat; Cover by Marko Djurdjevic; $2.99.

Why it’s hot: Scalped writer Jason Aaron has been building his Ghost Rider story to this issues big blow out. It’s Ghost Rider vs Ghost Rider for the title of… You guessed it, Ghost Rider. Johnny Blaze vs Danny Ketch in part two of “Last Stand of the Spirits of Vengeance”.

Why it’ll go fast: There are certain types of comic book covers that will aid in the books sales. Well drawn busty women, an angry bloody Wolverine, Batman doing anything, and now we can add to the list, Ghost Rider fighting Ghost Rider. The Djurdjevic cover alone was enough to make me want to pick this issue up. Only one problem; Aaron’s GR story has been pretty good and gaining readers with each issue. Now that Aaron has brought Danny Ketch, Ghost Rider of the 90’s, into the book to settle who will be the Spirit of Vengeance once and for all the comic is selling out due to sever under-ordering. GR #28, the first part of the current story was number 102 on the top selling comics of last month. My shop only ordered 5 issues of #29. Find it if you can flaming-skull-fans.

That’s all for now true believers. Until next week, keep the questions coming. Also, check out my other blog The Comic Speculator, where I discuss classic yet still affordable back-issue comics. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact me or post your question in the Comic Book community forum. Want to know what your comics are worth? Join WorthPoint for free and post your titles in the “Ask A Question” section. Remember to post the title, issue number and cover price.