This Week in Geek! 1/30

cap 34

Welcome back to blog formerly known as “Geek Speak”. As it would turn out, I recently discovered there is a comic themed podcast that already had claim to the name “Geek Speak“. So rather than attack the nice guys at Geek Speak radio with the full force of the pit bulls that represent Worthpoint’s legal team I have to decided to be the bigger man and concede the title of Geek Speak. Which brings us to my new and improved blog title “This Week in Geek”. Notice how it still cleverly rhymes, I’m a regular wordsmith I am! Watch this space for news on my budding rap career.

Now on to business the business at hand, NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!

While sitting with two of my nerdy compatriots in our local friendly-neighborhood comic shop it was agreed by all that not only did a ton of great stuff come out this Wednesday but that this was truly, to quote my good friend Joe, “one of the best new comic days Ever!”. Why you may ask? Here’s just a few reasons:

CAPTAIN AMERICA #34, Marvel Comics, by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting
This is the issue we’ve been waiting for and the cover says it all. Fan favorite artist Alex Ross unveils the New Captain America costume on this amazing painted cover, but who is the man behind the mask? If you are looking for a place to jump on to what is easily the best Captain America story ever written, this is it! Captain America #34 is a landmark issue that is going to sell out like lightning. Get it now while it’s still affordable or risk hunting it down later for big bucks!

Project Superpowers #0, Dynamite, by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger
At a $1.00 cover price and shipping with two fully painted connecting variant covers by Alex Ross this book is going to fly off the stands. This #0 issue is the prelude to the upcoming Project Superpowers book by the team that brought you the epic “Marvel Earth X” storyline and with art duties shared by Ross, and Stephen Sadowski, looks to be one of the breakout hits of the year. Superpowers is a look at some of the iconic-yet forgotten heroes of the 50’s and 60’s and promises to be superhero storytelling at it’s best.
Batman #673, DC Comics, by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel
Grant Morrison is famous for his experimental cutting edge storytelling and his latest Batman story is no exception. Truth be told, I have no idea what is going on in the pages of Batman right now but I trust Grant and when all is said and done I know I’m going to love it. The latest story line seems to be building to Morisson’s biggest bat-story yet, Batman R.I.P.. The title alone has spawned countless rumors of the death of Batman in the upcoming storyline and with Morrison taking on the writing duties of DC’s upcoming “Final Crisis” crossover event this bat-story could prove to play a major part in the fate of Bruce Wayne. This is only the second issue in the latest story-arc and with last month’s issue still readily available in most shops, marks a great time to catch up with the Dark Knight of Gotham City.

Remember this week’s new issues are next week’s collectibles so get to your comic shop and start buying books while you can still afford them! Do I pay top dollar for back issues, sure, when I have to. But I kick myself every time and hard so it leaves a mark!



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