This Week in Geek 2/13

interior art from Wolvie 62
X-force #1 interior art
Cap Marvel #3 cover

Well here we are on another thrilling New Comic Wednesday for yet another edition of This Week In Geek! It’s days like today that make me glad to be a nerd and not a professional baseball player. Did you see Clemens on CNN this morning? The guy looked like he was going to cry. What have I learned from the MLB steroid scandal? I’m done with sports heroes. From now on all my hero’s will wear spandex, fly, have razor-sharp claws, fight crime, aliens and or zombies, time-travel, die (only to come back to life in 6 months) and, most importantly, exist in the pages of comic books where heroes don’t need steroids to punch a Cyclops into orbit! Put that in your pipe and smoke it Barry Bonds!
But I digress… It’s New Comic Day!

X Force #1, Marvel Comics, By Craig Kyle Christ Yost and Clayton Crain
The writing team behind New X-Men Mutant Academy and the artist of Ghost Rider bring you the latest new X-book as a part of the “Divided We Stand” storyline, X-force. Led by Wolverine, the busiest character in the Marvel Universe, X-force handles the X-men’s dirty work, think of them of as the Jack Bauers of the X-Men. X-men, as a rule don’t kill, that’s X-Force’s job. This book also comes with a bloody variant cover you might not even notice. In the past these slight cover variants have disappeared quickly and sky-rocketed in price. I’ve heard some comic shops are already selling the bloody variant for $5.00 so if you can get one for cover price, you’re lucky. X-Force #1 was undoubtedly over-ordered by most shops so don’t expect to se it go up in value very quickly, the Bloody Variant could be a very different story though.

Wolverine #62, Marvel Comics, By Jason Aaron and Ron Garney
Jason Aaron, writer of the critically acclaimed Scalped from DC Vertigo takes over the writing duties on Wolvie for a four issue storyline called “Get Mystique”. Aaron brings his hard-edged crime fiction style to the pages of Wolverine as Logan hunts down the woman that betrayed the X-men during the “Messiah Complex” storyline. Judging by Aaron’s work in the pages of Scalped, I don’t think he’s going to have Wolvie bring Mystique to the proper authorities when he does find her

Captain Marvel #3, Marvel Comics, by Brian Reed and Lee Weeks is reporting that this book has already sold out at the printers even before it hit the stores. Why you ask? It’s all about the last page. Here’s a hint, it may have major ramifications for the upcoming Secret Invasion storyline. Is Cap a Skrull? I’m not telling. The hype on this book pared with how under-ordered the series has been so far could make issue #3 the book to watch in this latest Captain Marvel series.

Well that’s all for now. I’ve gotta go check to see if the Congressional Investigative Committee has crucified Clemens on national TV yet. Remember when Mark McGuire cried while being interviewed about his steroid usage? I hated Mark McGuire but seeing him cry on TV even upset me a little. Maybe it’s typical macho garbage but I hate seeing big tuff sports guys cry. I loved Roger Clemens when I was a kid, if he get’s misty on camera I bet I’ll sob like a little girl. That’s it! I gotta read some comics to take my mind off the death of my childhood baseball memories.

For more on the key classic appearances of Captain Marvel check out my blog “The Nerdy Speculator” where I discuss older yet still affordable collector comics that are gaining attention on the comic back-issue market.

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