This Week in Geek 2/20 Zorro returns!

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If you’re a nerd in your late 20’s to early 30’s like me then you probably spent last Sunday night watching the American Gladiator finals (hosted by Hulk Hogan) and the premiere of Knight Rider. Now when I first heard that NBC was bringing back American Gladiators I thought to myself “dear god, what new horrors will the writer strike unleash next?”. However upon hearing that Hulk Hogan would be hosting the Gladiators re-launch I was ecstatic. Hulk Hogan wearing a cut-off tuxedo shirt and cheering for everyday joes as they do battle with steroid enhanced freaks, now that makes for good writer’s strike TV. The Knight Rider movie was a wholly different story. It was like a two-hour Ford commercial starring every variation of the Mustang you could think of while the super-car transformed into every variation and color available for the new 2008 model using, the misunderstood science of the moment in Hollywood, nano-technology. Val Kilmer is the new and awful voice of the car which is driven by a good-looking-dopey-unshaven Army Ranger who gets a little help from a smoking-hot-lesbian FBI agent and his girlfriend who’s dad, of course, invented the car. Oh, and the main character’s name is Michael and he’s Hasselfhoff’s character from the original Knight Rider’s son. No I’m not making this up and no you don’t need to watch this garbage.

NBC isn’t the only place giving old characters another chance this week. This new comic day sees the re-launch of one of comics first Masked avengers…

Zorro, Dynamite Comics, by Matt Wagner and Francesco Francavilla:
Grendel creator, comics legend, and my friend Joel’s personal favorite comic writer/artist Matt Wagner revives the iconic Spanish Swashbuckler in the latest retelling of Zorro’s origin. Those of you who jumped on last years hit The Lone Ranger, from Dynamite Comics will once again not be disappointed as two modern comic masters breath new life into one of the golden-age’s most beloved pulp heroes. For more on both Matt Wagner and Zorro comics of the past see this weeks The Comic Speculator.

The Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death, Marvel Comics, By Matt Fraction and a horde of artists:
Continuing on the heroes of old theme, this latest Iron Fist story focuses on Orson Randall, the former and now deceased Iron Fist of Marvel Comics silver-age past. While Randall is a new character created by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction the two writers do an excellent job in giving this book the look and feel of the Marvel Comics of the late 60’s while maintaining their modern, cinematic story-telling style.

The Umbrella Academy, Dark Horse Comics, by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba
It’s the final issue of the first adventure of the Umbrella Academy and possibly the last time you will be able to afford issues 1-5 if you still haven’t picked them up. This is the second time I’ve written about this series, see This Week in Geek 1/16/08, and I can’t stress enough how great The Umbrella Academy is. The first appearance of the Umbrella Academy was in the Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day give away of last year and that issue is now selling for $4-$5 dollars at most comic shops. As of now issues #1-#6 of the Umbrella Academy are still readily available but expect to see their value spike with the announcement of the next mini-series.

Well that’s all for now Hulk-a-maniacs. Hope this Wednesday finds you warmer than me, it was -5 this morning where I am. Tune in next week for more new comic talk and a note on one of my favorite subjects, Zombies.

For more on Matt Wagner and Zorro check out my blog “The Comic Speculator” where I discuss older yet still affordable collector comics that are gaining attention on the comic back-issue market.

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