This Week in Geek 3/05/08

DC New Frontier special cover
Logam #1 Preview
Logam #1 Preview
cover of Echo #1

Yesterday was a little traumatic for myself and Green Bay Packers fans everywhere as our hero Brett Favre announced the end of his 17 year football career. It was a day of reckoning that every cheese-head knew would eventually come to fruition. Thanks for everything Brett, we’ll miss you. However, that wasn’t the only farewell of this past Tuesday. Gamers and martial arts fans everywhere shed a tear as Mike Huckabee announced the end of his presidential candidacy thereby dashing the hopes of Chuck Norris ever finding himself a postilion on the White House Cabinet. Sorry Chuck, though you may be hiding an extra fist behind that beard of your’s and it has been said that your tears cure cancer however you have never cried, your White House dreams end here in the flaming wreckage of what will forever be remembered by nerds everywhere as “The Mike Chuckabee Campaign”. Those of you who wish to express your condolences to Mr. Norris may post your comments on the Barrens General Chat forum on any server in the World of Warcraft game. May Chuck Norris have mercy on us all…

Now on to the dirty dirty business of New Comic Day! As with every Wednesday I present you a sampling of the plethora of new comics that could be destined to be future collector’s items.

Echo #1, Abstract Studios, Written and Drawn by Terry Moore
Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore moves in a whole new direction with a living nuclear bomb as the main character in his new book Echo. Moore has been a mainstay of the indie-comic world for years and garnered huge acclaim for his Strangers in Paradise series. This new series is an excellent way to get to know his thoughtful storytelling and mastery of black and white comic art. Check it out action fans, this one’s far from a soap-opera and comes with a silver embossed cover. An embossed cover! I haven’t seen one of those since the Lady Death 1993 Swimsuit issue variant.

Logan #1, Marvel Comics, Written by Brian Vaughan Drawn by Edward Risso
It’s not difficult to say that Brian Vaughan has written some of the best comics of the last ten years, but that’s not all. Vaughn is currently a writer for the ABC hit series Lost and penciling scripts for movie adaptations of two of his comics (Ex Machina and Y the Last Man). Unlike other’s on the Lost writing staff who crossed over into the comics world to give us a fantastic Wolverine story only to leave it unfinished (shame on you Mr. Lindelof), Vaughan has a reputation for not only getting his books out on time but also writing top-notch stories. When paired with the penciling talent of Edward Risso (from the critically-acclaimed DC Vertigo series 100 Bullets) this book could not be any hotter.

Justice League the New Frontier Special, DC, Written and Drawn by Darwin Cooke
Darwin Cooke revisits , DC The New Frontier, one last time in honor of last week’s Warner Bros dvd release of the animated adaptation of his now famous storyline. Cooke’s classic art style and storytelling are matched by few in the comic’s business today and with news that he is leaving DC this may be the last time fans see his Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman for quite a while.

Well that’s all for now folks. In the meantime feel free to post to the forum topics in the comic books community and tell me what you’re reading/collecting. Also check out my other blog, The Comic Speculator, where I discuss classic yet still affordable back-issue comics. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact me or post your question in the Comic Book community forum. Want to know what your comics are worth? Join Worthpoint for free and post your titles in the “Ask A Question” section.

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