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blackest_nightThis coming weekend is a big one for comic nerds everywhere. Not only is Friday (midnight Thursday for the serious nerds) the official beginning of the Summer Blockbuster Movie season with the premier of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but this Saturday is the closest thing we have to a national comic book holiday. Saturday, May 2 is Free Comic Book Day at comic shops everywhere. Click here to find a participating store near you. The first Saturday in May every year, for the last five years anyway, comic retailers everywhere give out piles of free comics just for stopping by. Several shops also invite famous nerd-related guests to sign autographs and pose for photos. Most of the comics given away are new issues specially made for FCBD by the major comic companies, but there are always sales and door prizes as well. It’s the perfect weekend to see a movie and score some free comics from your local comic shop. I have a feeling I’ll need to nurse my Wolverine movie hangover with a healthy dose of the FCBD Green Lantern: Blackest Night preview.

This Wednesday doesn’t appear to be a huge new comic day, which is good, as most retailers are still weeping from their Free Comic Book Day bills. Ah yes, FCBD’s dark secret: the comics given away by the retailers are not in fact free. For you, the customer, they are, but the retailers order the comics for anywhere from 10 to .25 cents each. While being considerably cheaper than regular comics, FCBD issues can add up quickly, especially if your store is expecting more than 1,000 visitors this Saturday. Which brings me back to this Wednesday; to perhaps cushion the blow slightly, new releases are on the light side this week. Below is a list of comics I’ll be picking up this Wednesday, May 29. For a complete list of this week’s new comics click here. To find a comic shop near you click here.

The Astounding Wolf-Man #15
Batman: Battle For The Cowl: The Underground
Conan The Cimmerian
Dark Avengers #4
Dark Reign: The Cabal #1 of 5
Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4 of 5
Green Lantern #40
Justice Society Of America #26
Nova #24
Superman #687
Thunderbolts #131
The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #6 of 6
Uncanny X-Men #509
War Machine #5

Though not a huge pile this Wednesday, a very high quality pile of comics indeed. JSA is shipping with three covers this week all painted by Alex Ross. The covers join to make one huge painted cover showing the entire JSA painted by the greatest comic cover artist of our time. It’s going to be very difficult for me not to pick up all three. Also, Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4 finally hits the stands this Wednesday. It’s taken entirely too long to wrap this series up but the story promises to be worth the wait… as long as #5 comes out next month. And now, as I do every month, my Umbrella Academy rant; This time, the abridged version: Best comic on the stands, wonderful art, hi-brow storytelling, why aren’t you reading it, etc… I can only listen to myself scream for so long.

In mysterious news; this Wednesday DC is shipping a “corrected copy” of Green Lantern Corps #35. The regular, “incorrect” issue shipped last week but as to what the problem with the comic was DC has been silent on the issue. Also, there are no plans in place for collectors to be able to replace the “incorrect” issue with the “corrected” one. Weird right? I remember not too long ago when an a few issues of All Star Batman and Robin with a dialog problem accidentally shipped. Now this was an issue with obvious problems (click here for the story). As far as GLC #35, I’m as clueless as you are. Another great job by the DC PR people.

Now here’s my Speculator Picks for the Week. These are comics that, for one reason or another, I’m predicting will sell out very quickly only to resurface on the web for ridiculous prices.

Batman Battle for the Cowl: The Underground: DC



Solicitation: With Batman gone, the villains have descended on Gotham! A who’s who of Bat-villains star in this one-shot, including Catwoman, the Riddler, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, the Penguin and Ra’s Al Ghul. What kind of havoc will these villains wreak on a city that’s already on the verge of implosion? Who will oppose them? And could they all work together to take down Gotham City—or will they just destroy each other? Find out when THE UNDERGROUND rises.

• 32 PGS
• $2.99 US
• FEB090159
Written by Chris Yost; Pencils by Pablo Raimondi; Cover by Jose Ladrönn.

Why it’ll go fast: This is the issue of the Battle for the Cowl specials that sells out. There may still be stacks of Manbat and Arkham Asylum around, but not this one. I’ll tell you why: Chris Yost. He’s quietly been writing some of the best Marvel Comics on the stands, including X-Force and X-Men: Kingbreaker recently, and will soon writing Red Robin for DC. Underground will be Yost’s first DC work; here’s to hoping he can bring some new life to the DCU. Go get ’em Chris.

Green Lantern #40, 1/25 Variant Cover: DC



Solicitation: The prelude to “The Blackest Night” continues as the war of light explodes across the Vega System. It’s the Green Lantern Corps vs. the bizarre Orange Lantern Corps, led by the most disgusting, filthiest, vilest being in the universe. But now that Agent Orange has been disturbed, what does that mean to the rest of the universe? Plus, John Stewart battles alongside his newest ally… Fatality?

Written by Geoff Johns; Pencils by Philip Tan; Inks by Jonathan Glapion; Cover by Philip Tan 1:25 Variant Cover by Rodolfo Migliari.

• $2.99 US
• JAN090203
• 32 PGS
Written by Chris Yost; Pencils by Pablo Raimondi; Cover by Jose Ladrönn.

Why it’ll go fast: The Blackest Night storyline begins this Saturday with the Free Comic Book Day Edition of the Blackest Night Prelude and GL nerds everywhere are READY! As the crossover has been approaching, issues of GL have been selling out faster and faster, but did you know there where variants for some of these issues? Neither did I. I’m beginning to wonder if DC knows about the variants. Not only has DC been hush-hush on the variants, but they aren’t even supplying images of them, much to the chagrin of bloggers like myself. Even with the full power of my almost-completed journalism degree, I was unable to ferret out an image. Regardless, the 1:25 variant painted by up-and-coming superstar Rodolfo Migliari will quietly hit shops tomorrow and will probably sell in the $15-$20 range. Don’t pay more than $20 and make fun of your store owner if they’re selling it for more. Please e-mail me a cover scan if you find one. I’ll plug it in later and make it look like I scooped the whole Internet.

Sherlock Holmes #1 : Dynamite



Solicitation: Continuing their new exploration of literary icons, DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT presents the ultimate mystery as they unveil Sherlock Holmes! Written by Leah Moore and John Reppion with reverence and a modern edge, artist Aaron Douglas completes the Victorian mood under the striking and iconic John Cassaday covers. Issue #1 begins the “Trial of Sherlock Holmes” which presents the great detective with an all-too personal quandary and explores the nature of the man and his world with a mix of refined ambiance, carefully crafted mystery and chilling suspense!

• $3.50 US
• MAR094176
Written by John Reppion and Leah Moore; Pencils by Aaron Campbell; Cover by John Cassaday.

Why it’ll go fast: Dynamite has done a fantastic job bringing old pulp and literary characters back to comics (see the Lone Ranger and Zorro, just to name a couple), but Sherlock Holmes may be their biggest property yet. The question is; do retailers still have faith in the publisher after sales on their other titles have declined, leaving them with only one title selling in the top 100 monthly, Garth Ennis’ The Boys. With a new Sherlock Holmes movie set to release this year starring Robert Downy Jr. as Holmes and Jude Law as much more handsome version of Watson than I ever remember, this could be the perfect time for Dynamite to find another hit. However, even if the first issue sells out instantly, I’m guessing it still won’t make the top 100 in comic sales making a first printing very hard to find in the future.

Nerdy Question of the Week

This one is real simple. In terms of pure enjoyment; which company is presently doing it for you, DC or Marvel and why? I want specifics here. Let’s fight about this people!

Thanks again for your continued input and keep the answers to the nerdy questions coming. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact me or post your question below in the “Leave a Reply” section below. Want to know what your comics are worth? Join WorthPoint for free and post your comics in the “Ask a Question” section. Remember to post the title, issue number and cover price.

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