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This Week in Geek is a weekly blog about new comics written by WorthPoint comic book Worthologist Matt Baum. Every Wednesday, Matt takes a look at the week’s new comics from a collector’s point-of-view and discusses which books may be hard to find in the near future and why. Make sure to click on the hot links for previews and more information on the comics, characters, story-lines and creators discussed here. Also, feel free to post your comments in the new “comments” section below.

This Week in Geek is coming at you on location from Legend Comics in Omaha, Neb.! My new MacBook has freed me from the shackles of my home office. Yes, it was a foolish purchase but here I am, arguing with a friend about whether or not the Watchmen figures are still cool in the wake of the movie’s box office failure (they are) at the comic shop while writing my blog. Sweet Freedom! While sitting here a customer came in looking for Robert Kirkman’s Destroyer from Marvel Max. He had checked several shops but was yet to find a copy. Had he been reading this blog two weeks ago maybe he’d been better prepared.

In other news, this week I had a chance to be a guest on the Auction Wally Show to talk about comics and the comic book market. Click here to listen to the show.

It looks like another heavy new comic week so brace yourselves. Below you’ll find my list of comics I’ll be purchasing this THURSDAY, May 29. For a complete list of this week’s new comics click here. To find a comic shop near you click here.

Aliens #1 of 4
Amazing Spider-Man #595
Avengers: The Initiative #24
Dark Reign: Elektra #3 of 5
Dark Reign: The Hood #1 of 5
Guardians Of The Galaxy #14
Immortal Iron Fist #26
Incredible Hercules #129
Justice Society Of America #27
New Avengers #53
Nova #25
Superman #688
War Machine #6
Wolverine #72
X-Force #15
The Astounding Wolf-Man #16

Thoughts on the Pile: I know what you’re thinking; “Aliens, Matt, really?” Yeah, I’m trying it. The Free Comic Book Day preview was fun stuff and Writer John Arcudi (B.P.R.D.) has always been solid. Now, I’ll give you, the recent AVP movies have been unwatchable, but if you haven’t tried Dark Horse’s Aliens and Predator comics, you really are missing out. Arcudi has written three previous Alien comics, all of which are currently collected in the Dark Horse Aliens Omnibus, available at comic shops everywhere and well worth the price of admission.

You may also notice an issue of Amazing Spiderman on my list; I know I swore the title off but I can’t resist Joe Kelley. That, and were finally going to see how Spidey deals with the fact that his arch-nemesis, Norman Osborne, is now is charge of protecting the free world. More on this one below.

Now let’s take a look at my Speculator Picks of the Week.

Amazing Spider-Man #595; Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man #595

Amazing Spider-Man #595

Solicitation: DARK REIGN TIE-IN! The lead-up to Amazing Spider-Man #600 begins here. Spider-Man editor Stephen Wacker here with a quick message: Look, this solicit is being written before you dear readers even know how CHARACTER ASSASSINATION ends and the major changes that spill out of it, so I can’t tell ya much, but believe me, if you haven’t been keeping up with Spidey… it’s time. Following immediately on the heels of “24/7,” Spider-Man’s world has become more messed-up and stressful than ever, and the fact that his biggest enemy is in charge of the world… and the Avengers… is only the icing on a really dangerous cake. Now faced with hard choices about family and friendship, Spider-Man knows exactly what he has to do to save the world…it’s time to take down Norman Osborn.

32 PGS
$2.99 US
Written by Joe Kelly; Pencils by Phil Jimenez; Cover by Phil Jimenez Variant Cover by Adi Granov.

Why it’ll go fast: Ordering a title that comes out four times a week is nearly impossible. Ask any retailer that’s been dealing with the Amazing Spidey since the Brand New Day storyline began. Sales on the title have been hovering as high as the top 15 and as low as the top 25 on monthly sales charts. Most retailers in my area, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find it’s a national trend, have given up trying to order Amazing Spidey for back issue bins and ordered lightly with the hope of selling out weekly. This has resulted in surprisingly good sales on Spidey storylines online. Joe Kelley’s American Son storyline brings Spidey into the Dark Reign crossover event, and all things Dark Reign have been selling very well for Marvel as of late. In fact, Kelley’s Dark Reign tie-in may be a stunt to increase the Amazing Spidey’s sales. Regardless, it’s going to work. Heck, they got me.

Dark Reign: The Hood #1 of 5; Marvel Coimcs

Dark Reign: The Hood #1 of 5

Dark Reign: The Hood #1 of 5

Solicitation: Straight from the pages of NEW AVENGERS and DARK REIGN: THE CABAL. Go deep into the cutthroat world of The Hood! You may know him as the tough-talking crime boss who’s organizing the villains of NYC while wheeling and dealing with the likes of Loki and Dr. Doom. But what about his pregnant girlfriend, addict cousin and institutionalized mother that we met back in his debut mini? And what price is he paying for his rapid climb up the ranks of crime and power? Writer Jeff Parker (AGENTS OF ATLAS) and Kyle Hotz (THE HOOD: BLOOD FROM STONES) invite you to spend a week in the life of Parker Robinson, one of the key characters in Dark Reign, as he struggles to keep his professional and personal lives from destroying each other!

32 PGS
Written by Jeff Parker; Pencils by Kyle Hotz; Cover by Marko Djurdjevic.

Why it’ll go fast: As I said above, all things Dark Reign are selling very well for Marvel. The Hood has been elevated from the “z-list” the one of the most compelling and powerful villains in the Marvel U. The $3.99 price tag may make retailers hesitant when ordering but even those who do order heavy on this latest Hood story are going to sell out. Jeff Parker is an up-and-coming writer, Dark Reign is blowing up and the Hood is the hottest villain in comics right now. It all adds up to a quick sell out.

Guardians Of The Galaxy #14; Marvel Comics

Guardians Of The Galaxy #14

Guardians Of The Galaxy #14

Solicitation: A WAR OF KINGS TIE-IN! The savage battle between the Shi’Ar Imperium—ruled by Emperor Vulcan and the Kree Empire, and controlled by Black Bolt—explodes across the universe! The Guardians of the Galaxy know they’ve got to stop the war before it shakes the cosmos apart at the seams, but will any of these heavy hitters listen to a rag-tag bunch of self-appointed galactic protectors who spend half their time quarreling amongst themselves? Find out in the book calls “… one of the best titles around!”

32 PGS
Written by Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett; Pencils by Brad Walker.

Why it’ll go fast: War of Kings is a hit for Marvel selling in the top 40 monthly comics. Guardians of the Galaxy is not and is selling in the high 80’s on the top 100 monthly comics. So what happens when War of Kings ties-in to Guardians of the Galaxy? The title sells out. Probably just in time to save it from cancellation and not because it’s bad. Fans love this title and for good reason; month in and month out it is consistently excellent. Guardians is the best cosmic title Marvel has ever published. Shame on you for not reading it and good luck finding this issue.

Indie Comic of the Week:

Chicken With Plums

Chicken With Plums

Chicken With Plums

Solicitation: In her acclaimed Persepolis books and in Embroideries, Marjane Satrapi rendered the events of her life and times in a uniquely captivating and powerful voice and vision. Now she turns that same keen eye and ear to the heartrending story of her great-uncle, a celebrated Iranian musician who gave up his life for music and love.

We are in Tehran in 1958, and Nasser Ali Khan, one of Iran’s most revered tar players, discovers that his beloved instrument is irreparably damaged. Though he tries, he cannot find one to replace it; one whose sound speaks to him with the same power and passion with which his music speaks to others. In despair, he takes to his bed, renouncing the world and all its pleasures, closing the door on the demands and love of his wife and his four children. Over the course of the week that follows, his family and close friends attempt to change his mind, but Nasser Ali slips further and further into his own reveries: flashbacks and flash-forwards (with unexpected appearances by the likes of the Angel of Death and Sophia Loren) from his own childhood through his children’s futures. And as the pieces of his story slowly fall into place, we begin to understand the profundity of his decision to give up life.
Marjane Satrapi brings what have become her signature humor, insight and generosity to this emotional tale of life and death, and the courage and passion both require of us. The poignant story of one man, it is also a story of stunning universality—and an altogether luminous work.

By Marjane Satrapi

Why you should care: If you haven’t read Persepolis, or seen the movie (both are amazing), you need to do both. Satrapi’s art style mixed with her autobiographical voice are next to none in the indy comic world. I cannot recommend these comics enough.


Nerdy Question of the Week

“Digital comics:” the very phrase bothers me. I tried reading some comics on my computer this week, and while it was a lot more discrete than whipping out an issue at my local coffee shop, I just couldn’t get into it. Call me old fashion. How do you feel about digital comics? Are they the wave of the future or just hard on the eyes?

Thanks again for your continued input and keep the answers to the nerdy questions coming. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact me or post your question below in the “Leave a Reply” section below. Want to know what your comics are worth? Join WorthPoint for free and post your comics in the “Ask a Question” section. Remember to post the title, issue number and cover price.

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