This Week in Geek 5/6

Cover of The Man With No Name #1
Cover of The Man With No Name #1
Cover of House of Mystery #1

New comic day almost killed me this week. I left my local comic shop with no less than nineteen new comics. This means one of two things: There was a glut of excellent comics that came out today (Secret Invasion #2, SCUD, Madman, Abe Sapian, just to name a few.) Or, I am growing increasingly unhappy with my life and feel the need to escape into the unreality of the comic world more than ever. I’ll let you decide. No, this is not a desperate cry for help. I save those for my craigslist personals. Now let’s get to it!

The Man With No Name #1, Dynamite Comics, Written by Christos Gage and
drawn by Wellington Dias.
If you were to walk up to me and, out the blue, ask me to name two of my favorite things, there’s a damn good chance I would say zombies and spaghetti westerns. It just so happens that “The Man With No Name” #1 from Dynamite Comics has both. No it’s not literally a zombie book, but the further adventures of the character portrayed by Clint Eastwood in the Sergio Leone “Dollars Trilogy” (Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good The Bad and the Ugly), who may have been a ghost (for those of you who think Eastwood was the same character in High Plains Drifter.)
Whew, talk about a long sentence. Sorry, Joe (my editor.)
(No prob, Matty…)
Dynamite continues to roll out the hits and “The Man With No Name” looks like another one. Pick it up quick because retailers are still skittish about ordering heavily on books from smaller companies such as Dynamite. This issue also ships with an amazing variant cover by Arthur Sudyam, one that it seems I’m going to have to fight somebody who claimed it first. You know who you are. Watch your back, suka!

House of Mystery #1, DC Vertigo, Written by Matthew Sturges, Bill Willingham and drawn by Luca Rossi.
I read an interview with series writer Sturges last night that made me want to pick up this book. I know what you’re thinking. “Shouldn’t “Fables” writer Bill Willingham’s name on the book be enough for this guy?”
Yes I love Willingham’s work on Fables, but outside of that book he’s mediocre at best (Think “Robin” and “Shadowpact.” Oh yeah, and he also gave us the “Elementals Sex Special” in 1990, but I’m not going into that in my PG-13 blog). I was excited by the premise explained by Sturges as being an anthology book with continuity. I love good anthology books. The “Flinch” series from Vertigo in the 90s was one of my favorites. But they always seem to lose my interest after about ten issues. HOM sets itself apart by having reoccurring characters that run a tavern out of the house for people misplaced in time and space who recount their stories of how they got there. Looks like good weird fun in the now classic Vertigo style. 

Avengers Invaders #1, Marvel Comics, Written by Alex Ross, Jim Kruger and drawn by Steve Sadowski.
Can’t get enough of that crazy Avengers stuff? If not than the Alex Ross cover of this book is going to send you into seizures. The classic golden age Invaders team (Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch (the android, not Johnny Storm, Toro, and the Submariner) meets the Avengers of today in a good old story of time-displaced confusion followed by conflict and ending by teaming up to battle a common foe. It’s the formula that gets you every time!
But let me ask you this – what if the Golden Age Captain America decides to stay in the modern-day Marvel Universe after hearing of his own death? Would that interest you? If Cap does decide to stay then “Avengers Invaders” #1 will be his first re-appearance since his death and, no matter how over-ordered, it would be as hot as comics get on the back issue market.

So much fun stuff this week including Matt Fraction’s new “Iron Man” book. There will be no shortage of that title as retailers were banking on the success of the movie. If you haven’t seen Iron Man yet, stop what you’re doing now and go see it. Speaking strictly as a film enthusiast, it was exciting, well-acted and fun. Speaking as a nerd, it’s hard for me not to cuss when talking about how #!@^! awesome Iron Man was! 

Until next time feel free to post to the forum topics in the comic books community and tell me what you’re reading/collecting. Also check out my other blog, The Comic Speculator, where I discuss classic yet still affordable back-issue comics. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact me or post your question in the Comic Book community forum. Want to know what your comics are worth? Join Worthpoint for free and post your titles in the “Ask A Question” section. 

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