This Week in Geek 8/27

Cover of Guerrillas #1
Cover of Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1
Cover of Kick Ass #4

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Summer is almost over, the Olympics have ended and the Democratic National Convention is messing up traffic in Minneapolis as I write this. Kids are already back in school and football season starts this weekend. If you’re a college football fan then I need not remind you. Go Huskers! Anyway, remember that stuff I said last week about the volume of new comics slowing down with the approach of fall? Well forget it. I’m an idiot. This week is a MONSTER new comic week. Marvel is hitting us with eight Secret Invasion tie-ins including all three Avengers books and DC is countering with three Final Crisis tie-ins. Take that nerdy wallets everywhere! Oh and purses too. This Week in Geek is an equal opportunity new comic blog.

So yeah… I was wrong. Or at least I neglected to look at the shipping-next-week-list until right after I published last weeks blog, which I thought was a good one. Maybe not entirely factual but good for a chuckle here and there right? OK true believers, I apologize. Also, wrong about Amazing Spiderman. I wanted to be excited, see ”last week’s blog”, but after reading it I had to except the fact that Spidey has moved on and I have not. I don’t care about the ”Brand New Day Spidey tales” and don’t plan on reading anymore of them. Sigh… The good news is there is a ton of great stuff hitting the shelves this week and my three hot picks are just a fraction of what you should be reading.

As always, I want to know what you guys are reading and collecting so drop me a line or post in the comics forums of ””. I’m a comic nerd, you’re a comic nerd. Let’s get together and talk comics!

Now lets get to this weeks Hot Picks:

Kick Ass #4; Marvel Comics; Written by Mark Millar; Art and cover by John Romita Jr; $2.99.
Why it’s hot: How many times do I have to tell you how hot Mark Millar is right now? Everyone in Hollywood wants a piece of this guy, there’s even rumors that he’s writing the next Superman movie. Millar’s Kick Ass has been a huge hit so far with every issue selling out a the presses almost instantly. If you’re not Kick Ass yet you’ll have to settle for second prints as the first prints have vanished from comic shops.

Why it’ll go fast: See above. Also, issue #4 is the first appearance of “Hit Girl”. Described as a “9-year-old that loves Hello Kitty and could tear your throat out with her bare hands”, Hit Girl is already one of my favorite new characters. Kick Ass has been one of the hottest selling comics of the summer and the news that a ”movie version has already entered pre-production” is just making the title even hotter. Until the movie premiers expect Kick Ass back issues to be hot sellers and, based on the success or failure of the film, their value could rise even higher. Kick Ass #3 checked in at 261 on the only shipping an estimated 5,757 issue nationwide. Compared to Secret Invasion #3 which shipped more than 175,000 issues it’s easy to see how rare Kick Ass back issues will be in the near future.

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond; Written by Grant Morrison; Art by Doug Mahnke, Covers by Doug Mahnke and J.H. Williams III; $4.50

Why it’s hot: IT’S IN 3D! The only thing that could make me love ”Doug Mahnke”‘s art more would be if it was jumping off the page at me. The story spills right out of the pages of Final Crisis and sends Supes on a multi-dimensional quest to save the DCU. Complete with 3D glasses Suupes Beyond promises to be an eye-popping good time.

Why it’ll go fast: Though this comic may not fly off the stands it will join a short list of comic back issues that came with an extra. This time it’s 3D glasses but in the past there have been comics that shipped with collectible cards, previews of other comics, stickers, or even coupons for fan club offers. In each case the issues were always worth more with the giveaways intact. Everyone that buys Superman Beyond is going to tear open the 3D glasses to see the amazing art but those that can resist that urge may see a big pay off in the future. My advice; buy 2 copies. With a $4.50 cover price I can’t see a lot of collectors following this advice but I can guarantee Final Crisis: Superman Beyond will be worth more with 3D glasses. If they come sealed in plastic the unopened ones will add even more value to the comic.

”Guerrillas #1”; Written by Brahm Revel; Art and cover by Braham Revel; $3.99

Why it’s hot: The premise of this one sold me instantly:
“Guerillas” depicts a top-secret program initiated by the Nixon administration during the height of the Vietnam conflict. Said Revel, “They’ve begun using specially trained chimps to fight the war in Southeast Asia. The action follows a timid new recruit who accidentally falls in with the experimental apes, but as they hump through the damp jungles of Vietnam, it becomes unclear if these chimps are a stable fighting unit or an erratic and volatile pack of animals. The chimps have gone through the U.S. military machine and are trying to reconcile the ideas and orders that they’ve been taught with their innate instinctual drives.”
(Brahm Revel from an ).
It’s Project X meets Platoon in the latest Image Comics creator owned title from newcomer Brahm Revel.

Why it’ll go fast: Guerrillas has three things going against it; 1. It’s black and white, 2. It’s written and illustrated by a newcomer and 3. no superheroes. These three strikes will add up to low initial orders by retailers. I think my local shop only ordered two. None of the three strikes I named add up to a bad comic, just lower sales. Black and white books don’t sell as well as color and when you add that to a no-name writer with no superheroes. Well, you can figure out the rest. This book does have a lot going for it though. The story sounds amazing and the art looks great. Pair that with 48pgs per comic and you’ve got a book worth it’s cover price. Guerrillas looks great and if it catches fans eye’s like I hope it does issue #1 could be very difficult to find.

That’s it for this week but get ready for another Marvel heavy shipment next Wednesday including the ”Marvel Apes” mini-series premiere. Marvel has been shipping variant covers of several titles with Ape versions of your favorite heroes to create some buzz for next week’s ape event. Personally I’m not too excited but have to admit this week’s Daredevil variant was pretty cool. ”Click here to see all the Marvel Ape Variants.”

Until next week, keep the questions coming, feel free to post to the forum topics in the comic books community and tell me what you’re reading/collecting. Also, chek out my other blog The Comic Speculator, where I discuss classic yet still affordable back-issue comics. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact me or post your question in the Comic Book community forum. Want to know what your comics are worth? Join Worthpoint for free and post your titles in the “Ask A Question” section.

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