What Do you Find While Going to Garage Sales?

82 Airborne Medallion
Chinese Export Tea cup & saucer
Sandizell Porcelain basket
Killer pile of 300+ pieces of sheet music
Kreamer tole painted early 20th Century tin
James Fenimor Cooper First American Edition The Wept Wish-Ton-Wish
Marinus Nielsen Painting of Children on the Beach
18th Century Chinese Teapot
Banded Mocha Container
My New Friends

I am a profound shopper at garage and estate sales. I suspect that many of us end up buying and selling collectibles and antiques because we can not pass up the bargains. While I would admit to occasionally picking up clothes for my kids that are too good to pass up, I really look for the killer items that I keep, or, are high end and I plan to sell later (sometimes “later” can be measured in years). My wife does not always understand, but that is another story. I want to start sharing my almost weekly travels with the community, and we will have fun with what I and others find on the site.

I should also introduce myself as Will Seippel, WorthPoint’s founder. I fall into the usual collector situation of collecting broadly, but actually have very advanced collection of Lionel trains (pre-war) and US coins. I might note that I picked up a great Lionel Donald Duck hand car at Bertoia’s auction this week. (Bertoia is a WorthPoint partner) and it was the only prewar hand car I was missing from my collection.

Now on to the week end sales! I first want to dispel the myth that neat things, or sophisticated antiques do not exist at house sales. One just needs to know how to pick through the chaffe to find the wheat. The first sale I went to was a home run. A nice couple, pictured in my photos, they are former antique dealers that still have the passion for collecting. I was able to purchase some fine antiques from them. This included the banded mocha container, an 18th century Chinese teapot, a nice export Chinese tea cup and saucer, a set of first American edition 1829 James Fenimore Cooper novels “The Wept of the Wish-Ton-Wish” a signed Hudson Bay blanket, great early southern basket, a painted Kreamer tin, and a Marinus Nielsen Dutch painting children on the beach. I might point out that I had originally left the house at 8:30, to go to southern Tennessee to a Train Collectors of America meet, to find something for my collection. I stayed several hours at this sale, with my new friends, and decided that I would not be able to go to the meet in TN.

I next turned my sights on another local sale where they were rumored to have some Dresden. I also promised to meet my wife for lunch in 20 minutes, (she was still at our house) knowing full well it was 15 minutes to the next sale. Forgiveness would come later!

I went to the second sale, and it was in a retirement community. While the items were erroneously advertised as Dresden, they were from an earlier Sandizell factory that opened in 1951. They were priced fairly and I bought them. My 10 year old son spotted and bought an 82nd airborne medallion, and I snatched up a lot, over 300 pieces of antique sheet music, some with great covers.

After numerous calls from the spouse, I arrived to the restaurant a half hour late. We had a great meal at El Terrero. My wife went on her way and my son and I went to a few more home sales. The pickings were slim. I just got 3 early English biscuit tins for $5. We headed home, content! More next week.

Tell me what you bought!