What’s in for Fall and Winter Jewelry

Flirty, bold and big are in for fall and winter accessories and jewelry is no exception.
If you’ve scanned through the top fashion magazines, you know what I mean. The models are wearing big bold necklaces . And long strands of pearls in graduating lengths are hitting the spotlight. Some hang as low as the waist for a dramatic and eye catching scene. Chains of every size are one of the top accessories for fall and winter.

Bracelets for the season are wide and varied materials from plastics to metals and bangles are the look. The more on the arm the more stylish and chic. Colored stones in diamante and crystals for those dressy occasions have always been popular for that evening out or the holiday festivities.

And of course long sexy dangly earrings are always a fashion statement and have been since the days of Cleopatra and before and are daring and dazzling as always.

The huge rings from the 70’s are back in this season as they were last year. Dripping with colored rhinestones or a gem or stone molded into gold or silver metal . Whether your looking for cocktail size rings with sumptuous sparkly stones or something not so glittery – they’re out there.

Now get ready for the big chill. Much that is showing in the magazines and top fashion shops are very expensive and might consume a months paycheck. The seasons jewelry is beautiful, but the prices are not for the average working girls budget.

Here are some ideas for looking like you just stepped on the runway, and for a fraction of the cost. Vintage Jewelry is the answer.

There are dozens up on dozens of vintage jewelry shops on the net or stop in an antique shop, most carry a selection of vintage and antique jewelry.

You will find the long chains, the big bold necklaces and those glitzy big rings and bracelets that will knock your socks off. Most at a fraction of the cost of new.

Most women love jewelry and love to look fashionable even if their not hob nailing with the stars. So be a little brave and do your thing. And give vintage costume jewelry a look. You might be pleasantly surprised with the selections and reasonable prices.

Mary Kilkenny