Who Pays More?

Did you know that a typical collectible change hands more than 10 times as it moves up the ladder from the original owner to the final collector? Right then, if the collector pays 100% of the value what do others pay? Here’s a breakdown of the list of possible candidates.

Collectors – usually pay 50 to 75% of retail value and pay the highest % of value for rare and unusual items.

Specialty Dealers/Collectors – pay from 30 to 75% of an items retail value-these people usually buy as an investment and their anxiety level to add this item to their collection or inventory will directly influence what they are willing to pay.

Auction Houses – exist at all levels of skill and clientele. The price that you get at auction will depend on not only the quality of the item but also its competition within the sale. The average bidder at important auctions are dealers, so be prepared to pay double or triple the amount actually payed at the auction. Prices range from a typical 15 to 60%. Only rare goods under perfect condition in important auctions will sell for 75%-100% of value or more. Remember, always, to deduct the auction house charges, which are typically 15% to 25% of the bid.

Online Auctions – like any auction present a risk, perhaps, in my opinion, even greater since you are dealing with total strangers which are quite different then dealing with experts. However it is a great way to get a deal, whether you are buying or selling.

Antique Shops – these businesses come in all shapes and sizes and generally pay 5 to 30% of retail. Higher prices are paid for faster moving, quality items. Shop owners can be dicey if they are buying outside of their specialty, they may offer you considerably less than the actual value of the item, sometimes as low as 1 to 5%.

Mall Dealers – profits are low, so the prices they pay have to be low too. They will seldom pay you anything more than 20%.

Flea Market Dealers – generally pay about 1 to 15%.

Pickers – buy from yard sales, boot sales, and anywhere else they pay from 1 to 20% of dollar value and usually less. Picking, using the adage buy low sell high can make being a Picker a profitable business.

Yard Sale Buyers – pay well for children’s clothing but few other items fare as well. Items worth 200.00 to 10,000.00 may get 5 cent to 10 cent for each 10.00 value.

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