Why Be a Member of WorthPoint?

Registering for a WorthPoint member account is free. Once you register, you have access to the following:

1. Ask a Question – Where you can post questions about antiques and collectibles for other members of the WorthPoint community to respond to. It’s a free way to get feedback on an item that may be potentially collectible.

2. Ask a Worthologist – Where you can have your item evaluated by a Worthologist with a response within 5 business days. This includes a price valuation along with pertinent information about the object. This is a paid feature ($2.95 and up), but with Ask a Question you are able to determine whether your item merits being donated to Goodwill or the Smithsonian! Here is a link with more information: http://www.worthpoint.com/wiki/how-ask-worthologist

3. Communities – At WorthPoint you have the ability to subscribe to existing communities, or build your own communities to discuss and showcase the stuff you are interested in and collect. Within a community you can author blogs and articles, post items for comment, and notify your community of upcoming activities with the event calendar. No matter how unique or obscure your collecting interests may seem, there are others in the world that share your fascination. Find them by building a community in WorthPoint.

4. Worthopedia – A database containing over 1 million (and growing) realized auction prices from major and regional auction houses all over the world. This is the largest antiques and collectibles database on the web and it’s free!

5. Research Library – This is an opportunity to document and advance your hobby by writing insightful articles to post in the research library. Every hobby is constantly evolving when new information presents itself. Share your findings and collecting knowledge in a research article so others can learn.

Whether you are a collector or a person with stuff that needs research, registering as a WorthPoint member gives you access to great resources. Click this link to register now!


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