WorthPoint Happenings in February

WorthPoint launched a new webinar series this year called “Webinar Wednesday.” We have been preparing webinars on varying topics each Wednesday of the month. This month, we have a few special guests lined up! All webinars are free and will be loaded with quality content.  It’s easy to stay informed by joining the “Webinar Waiting List” in order to receive an email with invitations to the monthly webinars.  The good news is, every webinar is recorded. Everyone that registers will receive a replay of the live presentation.

Wed. Feb 6  @ 3:00 PM EST is the first webinar this month,  “Virtual Tour of WorthPoint.com.”  Enjoy a live tour while we take an in-depth look at all the features WorthPoint has to offer.

We were contacted by the USPS in Columbus, GA, to do an eBay workshop on Wed. Feb. 13th for the purpose of  sharing information about researching items to sell on eBay. Soon after the postmaster’s secretary set this up, the USPS in Macon asked if we could do one for them the day before on Feb. 12th.  WorthPoint is proud to sponsor these events, and we have a few spots open if anyone is interested in attending.  All free workshops are posted on this page along with registration information at PowerSellingMom.com/USPS.

Feb. 20 @ 3:00 PM EST, Webinar “How to Research Items Before You Sell.”  Learn how to understand the “current market value” of items you want to sell. This presentation is for everyone with “stuff.” Learn how to sort your stuff.

Feb. 23  We are off to sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL. WorthPoint is sponsoring a free eBay workshop organized by Patty Whitlock. Patty manages the “South Florida eBay Sellers Meet up Group”. We will be joined by eBay staff, and our CEO Will Seippel will be sharing the top 5 items trending in the category of “Vintage Collectibles.” This is also a free event and everyone is welcome to join us. Click here to sign up and to get more information for our “Road Trip to Fort Lauderdale.” Then, the next day on Sunday, we are kicking off our 1st WorthPoint Treasure Hunt of the year!

Feb. 24  WorthPoint Treasure Hunt in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  We will be treasure hunting at Patty Whitlock’s favorite thrifting spots. “Treasure Hunting in Fort Lauderdale FL” starts at 9:00 AM. NOTE: all treasure hunts are posted on our website.

Feb. 27:  Webinar Wednesday is an evening webinar at 8:00 PM EST, “Live eBay Listing Demo.” Follow along while we list a few items on eBay. Watch and learn from start to finish.

That’s a close for February.  We hope you will join us at one of these February events!

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