The Letters of John M. Jackson, November 24, 1858

On one of his usual treasure hunts in Maine, our CEO, Will Seippel  stumbled upon a massive collection of letters from a soldier in the Civil War.  These letters will be published in chronological order in The Insider over the coming weeks, months and years, as we follow John Mower Jackson’s personal victories and struggles within the greater national struggle of the Civil War. Click here to read our introduction to this new column that sets the stage with our soldier’s background story.

This letter in our collection is another letter from John Holmes, a good friend of John Jackson; the two frequently wrote letters to each other before Jackson left to fight in the war. 

Boston Nov. 24 1858

Dear Bro’ John,

Your letter of Sept. 29 I do not remember whether I answered, but certainly if I have not I ought to offer an apology to you for it.

But the reason for it has not been a desire to do it, but I thought I had, and therefore have been awaiting an answer, but not having received one before I left Middleboro on my Thanksgiving vacation, I took the letter with me for the purpose of answering it before I returned next term, and it is this duty I am endeavoring to perform at this time. I hope you are in good health both bodily and spiritually; running with all godly patience your heavenly race. I am happy to inform you of my . Good health of this time, and to tell you that my path is still upward, endeavoring to walk in the narrow road which leadeth unto eternal life.

On your last letter you told me that your meetings had not commenced in your neighborhood of which I was very sorry, but I trust that Eve this they have been commenced, and you are the blessed influences which is derived from such meetings.

With myself Everything goes in about its usual manner. The last term of school, I enjoyed very much. We held very interesting meetings in connection with the school, and 4 or 5 of the scholars as we hope and trust were by experimental religion born into the kingdom of God.

You wrote that you had been attending school at the M.S. Leminary(?) and left on account of not being satisfied and — yes! I don’t blame you for Not liking, if they had not been improved on last Fall Term. I like here more and more. That is in Middleboro. But I must draw my letter to a close as it is almost suppertime. Please excuse the shortness of the letter as I am in a hurry. Give my best respects to all your folks and inquiring friend. Remember me in your prayers before the throne of grace. Write soon, and remember one as your Bro’ in Christ



Holmes writes to Jackson and apologizes for writing a late reply; he couldn’t remember if he had previously responded to Jackson’s letter or not. As always, he hopes that Jackson is in good physical and spiritual health and mentions that his own health is perfectly fine.

He is sorry to hear that the meetings have been delayed in Jackson’s hometown and hopes that they will start soon so Jackson can receive their blessings. He had gone to some very pleasant meetings during his last academic term.

Jackson had written Holmes saying he was attending the M.S. Leminary school, but left due to being unsatisfied with the school. Holmes supports Jackson’s disapproval; apparently the school had quite a negative reputation…

He quickly draws the letter to a close since suppertime has already approached and gives Jackson his blessings.

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