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  • Sep 5 2017
  • 5 Sep 2017

Auction Talk with Wayne: September 2017 Auction Highlights

Welcome back… Labor Day is behind us, and auction houses are bringing out their “big guns” to kick off the fall season. If this month’s […]

  • Sep 5 2017
  • 5 Sep 2017

My Recent Buy–Or in This Case, My Recent Find: Joseph Noel Interview, 1938

Sometimes, what you buy just leaves you scratching your head and wondering. The photos below and the accompanying story are such an item. Instead of […]

  • Jul 12 2017
  • 12 Jul 2017

Collecting the Promotional Standee

It’s been said that advertising is an art form.  But what happens to the art form that is advertising?  I’m referring to the oversized, usually […]

  • Jul 12 2017
  • 12 Jul 2017

July 2017 Auction Report

    Welcome back…  The number of advertised specialty auctions has dropped precipitously for the end of July through August. Most of what I’m seeing […]

  • Oct 7 2016
  • 7 Oct 2016

Collecting the Political: INDECLINE and Iconic Street Art Auction

Earlier this year, anonymous street art collective INDECLINE placed a statue on the 4600 block of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Commonly referred to as […]

  • Feb 24 2016
  • 24 Feb 2016

Collecting The Duke, English Style: John Wayne UK Quad Movie Posters

In this article we are going to look at one of the true greats of the 20th century cinema: John Wayne, the epitome of the […]

  • Dec 21 2015
  • 21 Dec 2015

The Giant, Menacing Department Store Santa

Dana H. had a bit of a scare in the loft of an old carriage house on a gloomy day, a property she and her […]

  • Nov 13 2015
  • 13 Nov 2015

‘Herzlichen Glückwunsch!’ Best Wishes on Starting a German Beer Stein Collection

Collecting something new can usually be overwhelming. When I first started collecting and selling beer steins, I was amazed by the vast variety available. A […]

  • Jul 23 2015
  • 23 Jul 2015

Early American Advertising Collecting Offers Something for Everyone

During the past 50-plus years, Early American advertising has become quite collectable. The diverse variety of items in this field is nearly endless, making early […]

  • Mar 18 2014
  • 18 Mar 2014

Music Items, Coin-Op, Advertising, Toys and Gaming to lead Fontaine’s Auction

PITTSFIELD, Mass. – For folks looking to start or increase their collection of musical items, coin-op, advertising, toys, country store, banks, gaming and more will […]