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  • May 26 2017
  • 26 May 2017

Selling a White Elephant (or a HUGE Horse)

  I was driving through our town recently on a Saturday morning, and saw a very Norman Rockwellian scene.  In a residential neighborhood of side […]

  • May 8 2017
  • 8 May 2017

Collecting Artifacts is More than Just the Story

Swatches from Lincoln’s funeral train, snippets of White House draperies, metal from the Bastille, and parts from the Hindenburg were souvenirs before there were postcards […]

  • May 2 2017
  • 2 May 2017

Care and Repair: Can Non-Professionals Really Repair Scratches? Yes!

For some time now, a video has been making the rounds on social media that promises to show you how to remove scratches in wooden […]

  • Apr 20 2017
  • 20 Apr 2017

Good Honest Wear Can’t Be Faked

I was walking though our local mall the other day, which is something I do about once or twice a year these days.  Something drew […]

  • May 13 2016
  • 13 May 2016

The Secret Japanese Art of Kintsugi Brings Beauty to Breakage

Break a favorite antique? Instead of throwing it out or gluing it together, there is an alternative. Kintsugi, a traditional Japanese method of repairing ceramic, […]

  • Mar 11 2014
  • 11 Mar 2014

Bidders Can Travel around the World of Antiquities at Artemis Gallery’s Auction

BOULDER, CO – Artemis Gallery LIVE will get the jump on the Ides of March with an auction of fine antiquities, Pre-Columbian, Far Eastern, Native-American […]

  • Dec 4 2013
  • 4 Dec 2013

The Values of Antiquarian Books are not always Astronomic

When the Bay Psalm Book sold for a record $14.2 million on Nov. 26, I wasn’t surprised. After all, it was the very first book […]

  • Sep 14 2013
  • 14 Sep 2013

It’s All in the Marks: Strnact Pottery

This vase is made in the Art Nouveau style, circa 1900, and it was manufactured in Austria. The markings indicate that it was made by […]

  • Sep 13 2013
  • 13 Sep 2013

Ask a Worthologist: Edmands & Co. Crock

Dendra Y. picked up a crock at a local auction. Only later did she look at the name stamped on it and became curious. She […]

  • Jan 17 2013
  • 17 Jan 2013

Hollywood Chiefs’ Rare Pre-Columbian Artworks Head to Auction

BOULDER COUNTY, Co. – Items from the pre-Columbian art collections of two Hollywood notables are set for auction on Feb. 1, including museum-quality pottery, carvings, […]