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  • Jul 18 2011
  • 18 Jul 2011

Dining with Antiques – Ancient Roman Pottery

In the previous installments of “Dining with Antiques,” we have so far covered a variety of vintage recipes and collectible dinnerware dating from the 1800s […]

  • Feb 10 2009
  • 10 Feb 2009

Collecting Indian Antiquities: Know the Rules

With more than 2,000 years of constant cultural milieu, India is a very rich country when it comes to antiquities. It boasts a vast array […]

  • Jan 24 2009
  • 24 Jan 2009

Authenticating Ancient Chinese Jades Using Scientific Methods

By Janet G. Douglas Many collectors and museums have questions relating to the authentication of ancient Chinese jades in light of the current market where […]

  • Jan 22 2009
  • 22 Jan 2009

Have an Ox-citing New Year

By Mark Jaffe While the economy may be dominated by talk of bulls and bears, when it comes to the Chinese New Year, which begins […]

  • Dec 30 2008
  • 30 Dec 2008

‘Indiana’ Morgan: Hunting for Antiquities

As a boy, when Indiana farmers did their spring plowing, Rob Morgan would do some harvesting—his crop, Indian arrow points, turned up in the fields […]

  • Dec 16 2008
  • 16 Dec 2008

Antiquities Trade and the Responsible Collector

The trade in New World antiquities today is as robust as it has ever been, thanks in part to—what until recently—had been a healthy global […]

  • Dec 15 2008
  • 15 Dec 2008

Preserving a George Washington Centennial Ribbon

Even at 132 years old, George Washington could be better preserved, at least as he appears on this wonderfully preserved Jacquard silk ribbon from the […]

  • Oct 30 2008
  • 30 Oct 2008

Ancient Illuminated Manuscripts

Ancient Illuminated Manuscripts

By Liz Holderman

  • Mar 19 2008
  • 19 Mar 2008

Indian Artifacts

American Indian items are bringing unbelievable prices these days, and most dealers are completely unaware of the breadth of this market.