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  • Mar 8 2010
  • 8 Mar 2010

Find of the Week: Steiff Teddy Baby

The Margarete Steiff GmbH Company in Germany invented the Teddy bear in 1902. Designed by Steiff family member Richard Steiff, the first mohair Teddy was […]

  • Mar 8 2010
  • 8 Mar 2010

When it is OK to Replace Original Furniture Finish

Don’t touch that original finish! That mantra of the very high-end antique furniture market has been drummed into the collecting public psyche to the point […]

  • Mar 2 2010
  • 2 Mar 2010

Brokering Success: ‘Bittersweet’ Sale of China Press Exceeds Expectation

What would this handsome piece of antique furniture say if it could talk? Like so many antiques, this Chippendale walnut china press tells us a […]

  • Mar 1 2010
  • 1 Mar 2010

Reunion Renews Interest in Circus World Memorabilia

With typical circus fanfare, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus World broke ground for its theme park on April 26, 1973. Irvin Feld, president […]

  • Feb 25 2010
  • 25 Feb 2010

Where’s Will? – Ross’ Garage Sale Warehouse

WorthPoint CEO and President Will Seippel will be traveling to numerous antique and collectibles shows throughout 2010. He will Twitter where he’s going each week. […]

  • Feb 24 2010
  • 24 Feb 2010

Find of the Week: Steiff Siamy Siamese Cat

Cats are truly a legacy species for the Steiff Company. Felines of practically every breed, shape, and size have been featured at one time or […]

  • Feb 18 2010
  • 18 Feb 2010

Minor Book Repairs – Sprucing Up Your Old Friends

Favorite old books are like friends. But they can start to show wear with handling and age. While restoration of very valuable books should always […]

  • Feb 11 2010
  • 11 Feb 2010

Bid Up – Auction Terminology

Buying goods at auction is one of the most common ways dealers acquire inventory for their shops. It is one of the few places where […]

  • Feb 11 2010
  • 11 Feb 2010

Find of the Week: Steiff Foxy Fox Terrier

There is nothing more thrilling to most collectors than to find a dream item in a most unexpected place. As a Steiff enthusiast, I am […]

  • Feb 8 2010
  • 8 Feb 2010

Buyer Beware: Recognizing the Different Types of New ‘Antiques’

The popularity of antiques and collectibles has naturally resulted in the creation of copies. It’s a sad fact that almost anything of value from the […]