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  • Jun 18 2008
  • 18 Jun 2008

The Comic Speculator: The Eternals

This Wednesday Marvel revived the Eternals for yet another ”mini-series” in an attempt to once again reintroduce them to a new generation of readers or perhaps just to make some sense of who they are.

  • Jun 17 2008
  • 17 Jun 2008

Collector Paperweights

“I found a wonderful art glass vase at a house sale, but I left behind some pottery and a paperweight and now it’s weighing heavy on my mind.”

  • Jun 17 2008
  • 17 Jun 2008

Rare World Coins Coming into their Own

A gold aureus of Severus Alexander showing the colosseum realized $800,000 in the Mellennia sale auctioned by Ira and Larry Goldberg May 26. The auction realized $23,024,765.00. The firm said this might be the highest single-day world coin auction total ever.

A gold aureus of Brutus realized $575,000.00. The coin was graded Choice AU by NGC.

  • Jun 17 2008
  • 17 Jun 2008

Quality Coins Bring Record Prices at Goldberg and Heritage Auctions

High-grade gold from the Ohringer Family Trust collection and other consignments brought an 11 million dollar windfall at the Ira and Larry Goldberg May auction. The 1930-S gold $20 alone in MS-64 PQ was bid to $130,000 in the Goldberg sale.

A specimen 1891 quarter sold for $161,000 in the Heritage Long Beach sale. The 1794 silver dollar sold also for $161,000 at this same auction.

  • Jun 16 2008
  • 16 Jun 2008

True Love


My true love,hmmm susah nak cari tapi masih lagi boleh dicari walaupun bukan di alam nyata tapi khayalan….
Mencari true love untuk diriku adalah terlalu indah untuk dikatakan….

Seperti hebatnye kisah cinta WinterSonata..seakan-akan diri ini akan dicintai sampai betul-betul bertemu dgn si-dia kembali dari kisah silam…..

  • Jun 14 2008
  • 14 Jun 2008

Maintain the Value of Your Antique, Art Or Collectible Business

Can you sell your antique, art or collectible business while competing with the multitude of other small businesses also being sold?

  • Jun 14 2008
  • 14 Jun 2008

Work With the Trends in the Antique, Collectible And Fine Art Markets

It’s come up upon the first year anniversary since I published my book and launched the 31 Club, and naturally, I’ve been thinking about the past year. I’ve shared a lot of my expertise with blooming enthusiasts, and it does my heart good to see many of you doing things you never thought you could do.

  • Jun 14 2008
  • 14 Jun 2008


Hot Summer Auction Items Week of June 15

WorthPoint Auction Update June 15-21

  • Jun 14 2008
  • 14 Jun 2008

Origin of Flag Day

“Resolved, That the flag of the United States be made of thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation.” Second Continental Congress, June 14, 1777.

  • Jun 13 2008
  • 13 Jun 2008

l950’s Disney Walking Dolls

I have two Mickey Mouse dolls that move their legs forward and walk when you hold their hands. Does anyone know if they are worth anything?