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  • Jan 28 2008
  • 28 Jan 2008

Are you wearing the real George W. Bush?

You look good. Very good. Crisp, white shirt with cobalt blue studs and cobalt blue, official presidential George W. Bush cuff links to match. Black tie and tux. Wonderful overcoat and cashmere scarf. Your new shoes shined to perfection. Limousine waiting. Your date is matching perfection. Ready to attend the President’s State of the Union speech?

  • Jan 27 2008
  • 27 Jan 2008

Movie and Television Merchandise as Collectibles

The box office tally isn’t the whole story of a film’s profit margin – “It’s the merchandise, silly.” So says Mel Brooks in his 1987 science fiction parody Spaceballs, as his character displays merchandise from the film – within the film – including bed sheets and a cereal box.

  • Jan 26 2008
  • 26 Jan 2008

Geek Speak New Comic Day Edition 1/23

Ok it’s not Wednesday, it’s Friday but, better late than never. This week was a rather small one for new books, I found myself bringing home only six. Shameful I know but I until I can convince the Worthpoint overlords to buy my books for me on a weekly basis, my own pocket book will have to do all the heavy lifting. Anyway lets get to it:

  • Jan 25 2008
  • 25 Jan 2008

The Cabildo: A Walk Through Louisiana’s Past

The Cabildo
701 Chartes St.
Jackson Square, New Orleans LA
Admission $6 Adult/$5 Student

  • Jan 25 2008
  • 25 Jan 2008

Military General Staff Collar Insignia

The U.S. military, like any military around the world, identifies its military specialties by uniquely designed patches, ribbons, badges, pins and other items.

Below are the general staff and higher rank collar insignia as described by the U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry:

  • Jan 24 2008
  • 24 Jan 2008

Flag of Iraq to Change

The Associated Press today announced that Iraq’s parliament voted to change the national flag of Iraq. The current national flag (on the top far left) consists of three horizontal stripes of red, white, and black with three green stars in the white stripe with the Takbir, the words ‘Allahu Akbar’ or ‘God is Great’, in green stylized Arabic calligraphy in between the stars.

  • Jan 24 2008
  • 24 Jan 2008

Campaign Biographies

The campaign biography has been with us in some form or fashion since the beginning of American politics.

  • Jan 23 2008
  • 23 Jan 2008

Inaugural Medals

It is well known that the United States Mint manufacturers the currency and coinage of the United States. What isn’t well known is that there are skilled craftsman who also shape American history in bronze medals and medallions for everyone to own and share.

Created in 1792, the U.S. Mint has been the primary source of coinage in the United States, but in their own words:

  • Jan 22 2008
  • 22 Jan 2008

The National WWII Museum: A Modern Experience of the Historical Part 2

WWII Museum: Pacific Front Exhibit
945 Magazine, New Orleans LA
Adult Admission $14
Student Admission $8
Child $6

  • Jan 22 2008
  • 22 Jan 2008

Something Old, Something New: The French Market

The French Market
New Orleans, LA