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  • Jan 7 2008
  • 7 Jan 2008

Resources Material for Presidential Memorabilia

Anyone who has been involved with collections over a certain period of years has usually amassed an impressive combination of resource material, other collectors, dealers, and organizations to help learn more about their area of interest. For me, its no different.

  • Jan 6 2008
  • 6 Jan 2008

The Challenge Coin

In World War I, the story goes, an airman was shot down over enemy-occupied France and taken prisoner. The airman was able to escape and was ready to return to friendly territory when he was captured by French soldiers. They knew that German soldiers were dressing up as Allied soldiers trying to infiltrate Allied lines.

  • Jan 6 2008
  • 6 Jan 2008

Service Badges of the US Military

Military collectibles are not a specialty of mine, except as they relate to the White House, office of the president or vice president. In the case of military service badges there is some overlap as they relate to White House service, but there is also a larger community developing for the high level service badges awarded to military and civilian defense officials.

  • Jan 6 2008
  • 6 Jan 2008

The President $1 Coin

Following its successful series of collectible coin series for the 50 state quarters and the new Jefferson nickels, the US Mint is now offering a series of $1 coins featuring the presidents of the United States in the order they served.

  • Jan 6 2008
  • 6 Jan 2008

First Spouse $10 gold coin

Well, it is just possible we may have more than just a First Lady in our country’s future and the U.S. Mint is ready for that eventuality by issuing First Spouse $10 gold coins.

  • Jan 4 2008
  • 4 Jan 2008

Aladdin Lamps by Model

The Aladdin Mantel Lamp Co. was established by Victor S. Johnson in 1908. He enjoyed reading about the Arabian Nights series of books while young. As an adult he introduced a particular kind of indoor lamp that produced a rather soft white light and named the lamp Aladdin.

  • Jan 4 2008
  • 4 Jan 2008

The Collectible Oil and Kerosene Lamp Reference Library

In the collectible world of oil, kerosene, and electrical lamps there is an abundant of detailed books explaining the history, type, color, manufacturer, values and other specific details needed to verify any lamp.

We highlight only a select few here, but there are so many others to consider when starting your own lamp collection.

  • Jan 3 2008
  • 3 Jan 2008

Letter to Rush Limbaugh Sells for $2.1 million

Recently on Ebay, a letter signed by 41 Democratic Senators including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Joe Biden and Barbara Boxer. It sold on Ebay for $2.1 million to benefit the Marine corps Law Enforcement Foundation. They will provide scholarships for children of those killed in action, according to the buyer, the Eugene B. Casey Foundation.

  • Jan 2 2008
  • 2 Jan 2008

The Civil War Museum: Almost Forgotten History

The Civil War Museum
929 Camp St.
New Orleans, La

  • Dec 30 2007
  • 30 Dec 2007

Ron Paul Dollars

Ron Paul, the former Libertarian turned Republican candidate for president in 2008 has an energetic following to say the least. They are very creative when it comes to getting funds for his long shot campaign. Recently, they set a record for the most money raised at an event, some $14 million in one day!