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  • Dec 13 2007
  • 13 Dec 2007

What Auctions do for you!

From time to time everyone has thought or asked why do Auction Houses charge what they do just to sell an item and make all the money? Here are the basic answers.

The Overhead

A. Mortgage or lease payments for the building
B. Heat, air-conditioning and utilities
C. Insurance both for your items and liability
D. Payroll
E. Equipment
F. Advertising
G. Website cost
H. Photography

  • Dec 11 2007
  • 11 Dec 2007

Baby Boomers Vs. The Disposable Society

In being a part of the grey haired generation a baby boomer and the generation of asking “why?” to everything. I have grown perplexed in trying to understand my children’s generation “The Disposable Generation”.

  • Dec 7 2007
  • 7 Dec 2007

Don’t Smoke!…Collect!

Don’t Smoke!…Collect Tobacciana

What a great area to collect in and it is hot! Whether it is pipes, tins, silks, baseball cards, signs or porcelain, there is something for everyone.

  • Dec 5 2007
  • 5 Dec 2007

Which is a better collectible: A 48 or 49 star flag?

It isn’t surprising that when asked to choose between a 48 star US flag or a 49 star US flag, invariably the 48 star flag is always chosen first. The reasoning is that the 48 star flag is older than the 49 star one and hence more collectible. The short answer is yes and no.

  • Dec 5 2007
  • 5 Dec 2007

Imported Fake Antique Furniture

This weekend I went to a flea market that had an “antique store liquidation sale” in an adjacent building. The building contained numerous rows of furniture. I would guess between 70-100 pieces total. The event was advertised on television and radio as an antique tag sale however; all the pieces were pricey reproductions.

  • Dec 3 2007
  • 3 Dec 2007

Auction Strutters’ Ball…is all that giltters gold?

As in everything in the world “all that glitters isn’t gold”. If you are a novas or an auction veteran there is always something to learn and if you don’t learn you will get burned.

  • Dec 3 2007
  • 3 Dec 2007

It is all in the name…

All things added together increase the value and cost of an item. Just as in buying a car, each accessory or add-on raises the price it is the same in collectibles. In this case a Coalport vase carries a number of marks that help increase its value.

  • Nov 29 2007
  • 29 Nov 2007

Hearing the Veteran’s Story

I just read an article stating there are only three living WWI vets left. It seems like they all faded away without receiving the recognition they deserved. I’ve only met one WWI vet in my life. He was my great uncle Benny. Benny served with the 88th Division and told me that he survived the war but nearly died on the troop ship coming home because of a serious flu outbreak.

  • Nov 21 2007
  • 21 Nov 2007

Military Collectibles for Investment

I recently read a New York Times article about military collectibles that touched on two interesting subjects.

  • Nov 17 2007
  • 17 Nov 2007

Unlimited “Limited Edition” Collectibles

I grew up at the tail end of an age where most people bought toys with the intent of them being played with. As a small child, I had a neighborhood friend who would receive toys for his birthday or Christmas and never take them out of the packaging. His Star Wars and G.I. Joe figures remained on the blister cards.