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  • Sep 2 2015
  • 2 Sep 2015

Mud on a Supermodel: The Inappropriate Hardware Detracts from Fine Furniture

Putting lipstick on a pig usually doesn’t make much difference in how we view the pig but the opposite application might have a dramatic effect. […]

  • Sep 1 2015
  • 1 Sep 2015

Salesman’s Samples: Colleting Scale Models of Turn-of-the-Century Merchandise

“She Ran Away With A Shoe Drummer” read the Chicago Tribune headline of April 19, 1890. The ensuing article told of a great scandal: a […]

  • Aug 31 2015
  • 31 Aug 2015

Rinker on Collectibles: A Look at the Future of Stamp Collecting

The American Philatelic Society held its 129th Convention and Exhibition in Grand Rapids, Mich., last month from Aug. 20-23, 2015. Since I live in Kentwood—adjacent […]

  • Aug 25 2015
  • 25 Aug 2015

Ravaged and Rehabilitated, Superhero Steiff Dally Dalmatian heads to Charity Auction

Christopher Reeve, the actor who played Superman in a series of movies in the late 1970s and early ’80s said in part of his character: […]

  • Aug 24 2015
  • 24 Aug 2015

Five Tips to Remember when Buying Works by Renowned Artists

Buying a piece of high-quality art by a renowned artist can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. It is often the best and most-memorable acquisition […]

  • Aug 21 2015
  • 21 Aug 2015

The Plastic Case Debate: Who Should Grade and Slab Your Collectible Comic Books?

While sealing a comic in plastic with a label displaying a professionally assigned grade might seem silly to some—after all, how can you read them […]

  • Aug 19 2015
  • 19 Aug 2015

Rinker on Collectibles: The 1980s are officially ‘Old’

When asked “how do you know when you are old,” my stock answer is when a television series is set in your youth. Age is […]

  • Aug 19 2015
  • 19 Aug 2015

‘Short Snorters’ and Challenge Coins: A Bar Game and a Collectible

Imagine being behind enemy lines, slowly making your way through hostile territory to join up with your allies. There is a distinct possibility that you […]

  • Aug 18 2015
  • 18 Aug 2015

The Green Man Tradition: Collecting an Icon that Spans Cultures & Religions

“It’s Pagan,” she said, pointing to the image carved into the crest rail of an antique chair. “And I won’t have Pagan symbols in my […]

  • Aug 18 2015
  • 18 Aug 2015

My Blue China: A Lesson in Globalization

Tracing the history of blue-and-white china is a great primer. The very first examples of white earthenware decorated with cobalt appeared in China as early […]