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  • Feb 5 2017
  • 5 Feb 2017

Collecting the Perks of the President

So, you’ve been elected president of the United States. Maybe not by popular vote, but the Constitution is quite clear that the Electoral College can […]

  • Feb 1 2017
  • 1 Feb 2017

How to Repair Vintage Fur Yourself

Vintage fur can be fragile. Air, light, heat, insects and accidents all contribute to causing damage to your precious garment. Generally, most people will take […]

  • Jan 27 2017
  • 27 Jan 2017

Mark of the Week: The Murphy Chair Company

This odd-looking office chair dates to about 1926. It looks older because it is a transitional piece that appears to try to meld the Mission […]

  • Jan 25 2017
  • 25 Jan 2017

When Two Collectors Meet: Jan Braunstein Talks Ephemery with WorthPoint’s Will Seippel

On a comfortable California afternoon in January, while browsing the Long Beach Antique Market, WorthPoint CEO Will Seippel met ephemera dealer Jan Braunstein. An avid […]

  • Jan 25 2017
  • 25 Jan 2017

Sports Collectibles Set New Records in 2016

While some argue about whether the year 2016 was a net positive or negative, there is no denying that 2016 was a record-setting year for […]

  • Jan 23 2017
  • 23 Jan 2017

The End of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is not the end of the Circus

  “The . . . circus as it exists today is in my opinion, a thing of the past . . .” When the owner […]

  • Jan 22 2017
  • 22 Jan 2017

Auction Report: A Moonshine Still, a Baseball Slug-Fest & Picasso Pottery

Welcome back! According to a recent Forbes article, Americans were on track to spend nearly one trillion dollars this past Christmas season. Clearly, we’re well-heeled […]

  • Jan 21 2017
  • 21 Jan 2017

Presidential Collecting: Does an Electoral College Victory Affect the Value?

An inauguration of a newly elected president is generally a time of new beginnings. Heralded as a bedrock democratic principle, the ceremony surrounding the oath […]

  • Jan 20 2017
  • 20 Jan 2017

Collecting United States Presidents Before George Washington

“I… do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States and will to the best of my ability […]

  • Jan 19 2017
  • 19 Jan 2017

Rinker on Collectibles: Top Ten Changes in the Last Five Years (2011-2016) – Part II

This is the second column of a three-part series analyzing the Top Ten changes that occurred between 2011 and 2016 in the antiques and collectibles […]