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  • Dec 27 2016
  • 27 Dec 2016

Hard-to-Find Vintage New Year’s Memorabilia Makes for a Unique Collection

Vintage holiday memorabilia are a popular collectible genre, probably because there are so many different types of items available on the secondary market. There’s always […]

  • Dec 26 2016
  • 26 Dec 2016

Our CEO Looks Back with Pride, and Forward with Intention

I hated the Christmas cards that we used to get from our friends that used to tell all the great things that the family members […]

  • Dec 19 2016
  • 19 Dec 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: To Infinity and Beyond—30 Years and Still Going

“Rinker on Collectibles” was nearing its ninth anniversary when Walt Disney’s “Toy Story” premiered in general release on Nov. 22, 1995. I researched the date […]

  • Dec 14 2016
  • 14 Dec 2016

Must-Have Collectible Christmas Vinyl Records

If I were a songwriter, I’d make a special effort to compose a catchy Christmas tune. Think about it: they get played year after year, […]

  • Dec 14 2016
  • 14 Dec 2016

Miniature Advertising Whiskey Jugs: Calling Card from America’s Past

If you’re a serious antique collector, you go to flea markets and yard sales, in addition to antique shows and auctions. When you’re seriously hardcore, […]

  • Dec 14 2016
  • 14 Dec 2016

‘The Night Before Christmas,’ Auctioneer’s Style

’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the hall Not a customer was stirring, they were all at the mall; The prints were hung […]

  • Dec 14 2016
  • 14 Dec 2016

Fabulous Christmas Find: Currier & Ives ‘New England Winter Scene’

I was originally contacted about this Currier & Ives lithograph by email from a regular client in December of last year. She had a sales […]

  • Dec 14 2016
  • 14 Dec 2016

The Warehouse Sale Has Stopped! Quit Asking Me What Happened!

As many of you are aware, I recently tried to figure out how to begin liquidating my inventory of antiques and collectibles that has piled […]

  • Dec 13 2016
  • 13 Dec 2016

All Kinds of Smoke Can Be Hazardous to Art and Antiques

Smoke is, in essence, energy that does not burn completely during a fire. Combustion occurs, giving off heat, light, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Smoke […]

  • Dec 1 2016
  • 1 Dec 2016

Mark of the Week – Sculptsmith’s ‘Brutalist’ Starburst Sculpture

This rather abstract, unmarked metal wall hanging looks like 1960s department store relic that one might find now in a Goodwill store with a $100 […]